Monday, February 1, 2010

Nine defects breakdown iPad

Nine defects breakdown iPad
Love Apple's products, had to endure its faults. iPad tablet released, are going separate ways Apple fans have begun to study iPad thin design of the performance of a piecemeal sort out a lot of flaws. Here we have a comprehensive User's Takami, listed the nine iPad defects to those eager to buy iPad domestic consumers will be playing the vaccinations! By not got on with you.
1. Can not support multi-tasking run
"Big Cup with" iPad repeat of the "small cup with" iPhone's mistakes, it does not support multi-tasking capabilities. That is, it can only ever be single-minded to do one thing while watching the website while you can not hang QQ, nor e-books while listening to music, watching ...... As for the ever-growing 140,000 applications, you can use a lifetime time 11 slowly try.
2. Not play Flash
As Uncle Joe does not like Flash, because he believed that the collapse of Flash is to make web pages culprit, so you happily open with the iPad "Happy Farm", the only see a large piece of blank, without knowing your home is the food not have crop failure.
3. There is no camera
Not followed by camera, not the same as the cell phone camera, I put up with; in front of no camera, not video, then I installed iChat to do? Again Well, you can begin to look forward to plug the iPadCamera the ......
4. Not free to 3G
iPad3G version of SIM cards for use with most mobile phones are not the same, known as MicroSIM, size is only half the size of ordinary SIM card, advantage is that you can store more data, better security and so on. Focus comes, unless the domestic telecom companies launch MicroSIM, or buy 3G version of the iPad has also not take 3G network access.
5. Is not a widescreen display
Screen ratio of 4:3, and now have been in 2010, and how many 4:3 video to match the nostalgic style iPad?
6. Hard disk capacity less than
The money collected online (legend 300 U.S. dollars can be purchased online on this, let alone a laptop you can buy 700 U.S. dollars), to the MP4 of memory, let us feel then ah! Can not such as mobile phones and memory cards, external hard drive is also used Biebieniuniu conversion lines, installed the game I installed was not put your photos ah, loading a photo I have installed do not install a film ah, loading the film I know which e-book ah?
7. Batteries are unable to change
10 hours of battery life is indeed a lot, one month standby time is also very strong, but who can tell me how long the battery life? IPad built-in battery can not such as mobile phones as replacement laptop until the battery hang up, we are in the absence of Power Interface can never thinking to turn the mirror when photographed.
8. There is no High Definition Multimedia Interface
One-touch direct access to iTunes Shop the feeling so cool bar! However, from the iTunes store to buy high-definition video can not be delivered to your HDTV, because there is no HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface iPad.
9. All are to be referred to wiring
An external screen, dedicated line adapter to connect a digital camera to use transit lanes, even the USB adapter, should use the dedicated line, which is what the morals ah! Go about their daily round and round to bring a dedicated line, to know is take a iPad, do not know thought it was hand-woven.

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