Sunday, July 31, 2011

Western Painting Noble Elegance Highlight

The history of Western painting, oil painting is the main way of painting, and now survive in the world of Western painting mostly oil paintings, and most of the mural is created with oil paint and the way of production. In modern European painting in the palace can be seen everywhere, showing the aristocratic identity and status. To the modern, oil painting by the world's favorite.
As the world's most important kinds of painting, oil painting decorative painting called the most aristocratic kind. The Bo Baby Jane Mall Western paintings on display also shows the elegance of its taste. The thick pile of oil paint and strong functional plasticity is unmatched by other kinds of painting, the feeling can produce emotional resonance with people thought the rhythm and intensity.
Contemporary French Impressionist master NicoleSainsard works particularly amazing. His work to explore the nature of light and color changes in the moment, breaking the traditional concept of the inherent color of the concept. As shown in the painting "acacia flowers", the objective performance of the color of the surrounding environment, the impact on the natural color, acacia flowers itself realistic and makes the three-dimensional. Color from dark to light, layer by layer coverage, three-dimensional feeling strong. Clear picture of the texture, texture beyond the limitations of the spirit of the air throughout the screen and the viewer's heart, full of appeal.
Also a painting "Dream", theme novel, rich vivid colors, full of the artist's psychological feeling and imagination. Cascade through multiple pigments suddenly thick and thin strokes suddenly to the performance of the wilderness, mountains and sky, light and dark contrast just right, near, medium and far space level layout is reasonable, organic fusion of color and shape, allowing viewers to appreciate the sky and earth combined feeling of texture with excellent results.