Monday, September 27, 2010

In-game losing streak of the Yankees

At the same time the media more to New York Yankees NBA game analogy to describe them in Section 3 are doing well before the holiday, and can be ahead of the competition, but to the last section is exhausted strength, the birds, the birds ending. But Girardi for the media's "allegations" shouted wronged, he said that all the management are, as always, but the injured player is injured, tired everywhere, can not be said of the recent defeat to deny the rest were not.

In-game losing streak of the Yankees, the playoffs remain stationary magic number. Close behind in the face of the Boston Red Sox, Girardi before the game even with the temporary replacement will be announced tactics to Hughes (Phil Hughes) to replace Mosley (Dustin Moseley) in the base socks War Game 3 starter, he said: "We are desperately trying to win, and win the division title, snatching back home advantage. but I just make a decision based on information, no other meaning."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Dodge team returned in the first 3 innings Yier Si

The Dodge team returned in the first 3 innings Yier Si (AJ Ellis) has been recommended for admission, the Oute Jie (Trent Oeltjen) win their third base hit scored the first 1 minute, 4 Bureau of Yixi Er (Andre Ethier) play playing third base, Gibbons (Jay Gibbons) hit sacrifice fly to send Yi Xier scored 2 points back to home plate, 9 Bureau of Johnson (Reed Johnson) smacked solo shot (season 2 H), as Tim Dodge was No. 3.

Dodgers win the war, lost 79 season record of 75 wins, ranked in the National League West 4, Diamondbacks 62 wins 92 defeat, in last place in the NL West.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Phillies had only one hit

The Phillies had only one hit, but by 2 walks, stolen bases, 2 fielding errors Warriors have two points ahead of revenue rather than number, so Hamels cast up even more worry-free.

In September of Hamels available invincible described, 4 starts, 28 2 / 3 hit in the 18 Bureau of hits lost 2 points during Hurricane 31K, 0.63 ERA rate.

But Hamels even recently invested in five games starting at least 7 of Council, and the loss of points per game in 1 minute or less, as the history of Philadelphia's first since 1920 4, the first 3 people are Jim Bunning (1967) , Steve Carlton (1972), Dick Ruthven (1982). The Hamels again Carlton where par is, his 5 games all start off Yankee, The Great Hall of Fame predecessors, is a more formidable with 6 wins.

Phillies 8 game winning streak, the National League East-leading gap had widened to four games, while only 11 regular season games, but the Warriors run, good news is that there are five games with the Phillies cut-throat battle, battle on behalf of the Eastern King still have to see.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tulowitzki last 15 games and win 14 home runs

Tulowitzki last 15 games and win 14 home runs, which is No. 3 in 1900 has such a performance player, the former 2 were Albert Belle in 1995 and 2001, Barry Bonds. The Tulowitzki last 10 games, 4 games single field double-bang.

Rocky head coach Jim Tracy said: "I really do not know how to describe it. I mean, how would you describe the 14 home runs in 15 games? You know, hot conditions is one thing, this guy is simply another realm. But he has such a psychological quality. He likes this time of year, early in 2007 he passed on that. "

Tulowitzki said: "This is great, but I want even more pleased that my time in the season there last paragraph, because this team is very important. If you could choose a time for such things, that is now. so I of course very proud. "

The Clansmen and Villager play today at 8 the next generation of running Council, 9 Board obtained against the opportunity, in two when it was knocked out of a base hit, this is his season six at bats in the No. 2 security.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sangqi Si only just met on September 5 Dodge

Giants and Dodgers played against last season, the Giants rely on the starting Sangqi Si (Jonathan Sanchez) soared a career-high of 12K, 3-run homer with a giant audience, a total of 10 points coming down to 10:2 beat the Dodgers, while losing the same area of the priest again Rongdeng Guo NL West first place.

Sangqi Si only just met on September 5 Dodge, 7, 3 hits 9K Council's performance win the game, the Dodgers face the same month the second time, but also to pay a 7 game losing four hits and struck out 12 times 1 min, 10 and 11 wins are contributed by the Dodgers.

Dodge is really appalling to combat today, the audience only to win their four hits, either by a giant pitcher struck out 14 3 times, Buddha test (Rafael Furcal), Blake (Casey Blake), Johnson (Reed Johnson) were each struck out three times against the hard break, and can only rely on sporadically hits score.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Metropolitan recently an unlucky year

Metropolitan recently an unlucky year, in addition to the battlefield series of the season failed to break into the playoffs, the 6 years in 2008 to 37.5 million U.S. dollars 100 million fertilizer hired about Santana, three times already this season because of injury ahead of pack, indeed, metropolitan level to vomit in his heart. (08 years, moving from left knee arthroscopy cartilage; in 2009, moving from left elbow surgery clean-up of small bones; This year, the left shoulder joint capsule tear that required surgery)

In addition, the series of three-scarred Santana, at the end of June or even someone accused of sexual assault of women, though, after Florida authorities to investigate, to decide not to prosecute on grounds of insufficient evidence, but still firmly against the woman in the end, even 8 months through a private attorney to institute civil proceedings, claims 10,005 thousand dollars. As at present, on the sexual assault case no progress regarding the news came out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guidance Leagues low intensity, is more suitable than the major league pitcher to find game back from injury feeling

Guidance Leagues low intensity, is more suitable than the major league pitcher to find game back from injury feeling, Wang's goal is for playing 4-5 games, if all goes well, he expected people to provide a high chance of salary arbitration, according to a large Union labor agreement, the construction earners pay next year at least 8 percent this year, which is 1.6 million U.S. dollars off.

Although Wang race this year, no vote, but he signed with the National Alliance is about, even if the disabled list to stay the whole season, Major League qualification or license operators, construction Tsai quarters will be eligible for salary arbitration, have the priority of national renewal about right, Rui Zuo, said: "We have no plans, but also communication and brokerage firms, hoping to get results, we like Wang, I hope he continues to stay in the team."

Jia-yuan said that, both parties have a preliminary discussion, the National also said that the will of renewal, but the content is still early for now, have to see Jian Tsai pitching with the condition of the end of games to say.

Despite the slow pace of recovery Wang right shoulder, did not affect the confidence of his people, Rui Zuo said building Aberdeen's injury is rare, and only NFL quarterback in athletes Brisbane (Drew Brees) had suffered a similar injury, but also successful restoration of skill, and this year led the Saints won the Super Bowl Bougnoux Olympic champion, perhaps the people left behind the ultimate goal of building class.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann start as many as 4 out of 4 Board voted four times or bad

Rodriguez bases loaded in 4 hours and win the next Board tied the number two RBIs than doubles, six Board has again hit a sacrifice fly earned runs, 3 RBI audience after Espinosa.

Metropolitan pitching the game to play line of crazy people can not stop the attack, the audience was pounded 12 hits, including six long-play, scored 13 points, including 4,6-Board the overall situation had been shot five minutes. Starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey pitched 3.2 Authority to lose 6 points, to swallow defeat this season 9. Igarashi too bright back-1 Board voted four out of 3 times or bad, gave up two hits and lost 5 points.

National starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann start as many as 4 out of 4 Board voted four times or bad, gave up three hits and lost 3 points, 79 in number with the ball after the ball exit. Scott Olsen relay 4 Board no-hitter scoreless, win 4 win season.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sabathia early in the season is 134 games accounted for 19 wins

Hot climate scare CC Sabathia, pearls of sweat just turned Sabathia kill opponents evidence, today (3) pitched a 1 hit in 8 of Council only hits to lead the Yankees 5 to 0 shutout athlete.

"I've always liked the hot weather the next pitch." Sabathia explained, "I sweat too tight arm Buzhi Yu."

Although the strike rate average, Sabathia is still capable adversary "to the ground", the whole number of balls out of 7 percent, creating season-high. Athletics only Mark Ellis "honor" from the sand hit On fat hands.

Sabathia early in the season is 134 games accounted for 19 wins, become the Andy Pettitte, the Yankees 13 years to win the first vote in such a rapid accumulation of huge investment, continued to stay at home next week Sabathia play against the Orioles, will challenge the career for the first time feat of 20 wins a season. Home king like Sabathia, last year's Star break, hit 21 out of 16 race wins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

McCarthy led the Chinese team to visit every corner of the stadium

McCarthy led the Chinese team to visit every corner of the stadium, while inviting the Chinese teenager at the "cow" training investment.

As the quarantine, the Chinese teenager to pick up the sand court in Williamsport can not be brought back to Taiwan. They obtain the consent of the national team, will sand down in the national team stadium, a symbol of teenager are woven into the Little League Baseball from Major League dreams.

Visit the stadium, the Chinese teenager who both stated that the stadium is beautiful, "most of the golf course than in Taiwan."

China head coach Ho Tong Yu uses a "fantastic" to describe the Nationals stadium. He said that Taiwan has such a court one day, one day Taiwan is world-class country.

Li Suzhen said that while the human visit to the spectacular national team stadium, on the future of those interested in the development of the Chinese baseball team, a very big incentive.

After the visit, the Chinese players rushed into the souvenir shop in a large purchase, even if the players do not buy, but also in Wang's jersey number 40 before the camera pictures.

This afternoon, the Chinese Taipei team was also invited to visit Washington alto Gibbons (St. Albans) primary school baseball camp, and with the summer camp participants in a friendly. Drainage in the Chinese team courtesy, the two teams tied, happy.