Sunday, August 29, 2010

The performance of new alliance is not bad sportsmanship Pan Zhifang three hits in four at bats

Twins Lin Wang Wei played the second Board seventh doubles play this season, returned to his teammates scored a point, Belai snipers and closing of four to three win over the Kane County Cougar, Lin Wang Wei currently batting .218 , 25 RBI. Red Sox short-1A, Chan Ka-kui no hits three at bats, batting .165.

The performance of new alliance is not bad sportsmanship Pan Zhifang three hits in four at bats, .336 batting average rose to fifth in the league, and 14 consecutive games hit the hits, but the error has accumulated 16, activist eight to three to defeat the giant. Bear of a loss than eight angels, but Chen Ping Jie two hits five at bats, batting .280, Wang Yuelin also relay a Board sent three strikeouts, ERA dropped to 2.12. Fu Lin Guo Yankees number three hit two hits, batting .246, the Yankees lost two more than 7 Bluebird, the Warriors CAI Meng-repair was the second time this season against the opportunity, but the play left field fly balls, the Warriors to 12 to 4 victory over Philadelphia.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cowshed as "burned out" of the people

Face rookie critical moment, the old gods in the first 95 miles of Hawksworth sinker soared out of the hands, but large pieces of Desmond tragic heart to create a pole victory RBI, a ball let the fans direct the capital of high tide. Desmond single field 4 hits, 3 RBI is also a line of people playing the most shining star.

Cowshed as "burned out" of the people, appointed by the 8th inning pitcher Doug Slaten 13 wins without losing a lot of wins.

A year for Tommy John surgery, Jordan Zimmermann difficult to support this first battle back from injury 5 Bureau, Bureau of 7 after 4 hits, 5 responsible for the shock of loss after the exit of education; the same since the rebirth of ligament transplant surgery, Chris Carpenter 6 Bureau won by 10 hits take 6 points (3 responsibilities to lose), both unrelated to victory or defeat.

Well received by fans these days of concern to A-Rod

Vazquez was knocked starting 7 5 Security Council, including one home runs, threw five strikeouts three walks, only 2,6-board or off in 1 minute, plus take over the bullpen did not lose points, 9 win season wins (7 lost). The Indians start Westbrook (Jake Westbrook) vote no less, but the defeat in the Sino Swearingen Aircraft Xu and Gelandesen of the stick.

Well received by fans these days of concern to A-Rod, 4 at bats without any hits, home run production was still parked in the 599, missed the spot 27,224 fans witnessed his historic 600th home runs, while the single market Pom yesterday Gelandesen , and today a gun made 2 points, 2 days of hit the three home runs, current situation is very good.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aged 22 at the age of 3 years has been the first Major League qualification Kershaw has become the Dodgers start Lord

Aged 22 at the age of 3 years has been the first Major League qualification Kershaw has become the Dodgers start Lord, this results next level, a race record of 10 wins 5 of 21 games lost, 2.96 ERA, ranking among the National League wins the first few 6, 138 strikeouts ranked No. 5, ERA ranked No. 10.

As Chad Billingsley, Hiroki Kuroda, Vicente Padilla will be in the next series with the Padres in the play, after going to San Francisco on behalf of the first two games, the Dodgers have to spend Carlos Monasterios and John Ely, the last battle before the finale Kershaw.

On the other hand, with a barrier trial last week, a heated quarrel, seemingly completely crazy Orioles hitter Ty Wigginton, in the "appeal" after the original three-game suspension reduced to two games.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Red Sox and the Athletics on March 25 game finished

According to the schedule released today, Major League Baseball in 2008 the new season will be March 25 by the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics first to kick off in Tokyo. This is the third held in the Japanese major league opener.

Red Sox and the Athletics on March 25 game finished, the next day to fly back to the United States battles. This is the first major league season and the war days.

Major League opening match held in Japan twice, first in the year two thousand, by the New York Mets played the Chicago Cubs, followed in 2004 New York Yankees played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

March 30 opening of the new Washington Nationals team completed its first national team Park Stadium, against the Atlanta Braves.

April 14, all teams will celebrate before the game, "Giacchi Robinson Day" to commemorate the 61 years ago, Dawn's first black major league player.

Seventy-ninth-Star Game will be July 15 at the Yankees at home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When Po-Cubs in recent years to hear that he is a 20-win pitcher the last time

Po-37-year-old pitcher (Jon Lieber) choose to return to Chicago, to return to his glory.

Li Bo was "Winnie the light," he won in 2001, 20 games a season 6 of defeat, pitched 232.1 Authority, 3.80 ERA, ranking State League Young Award that year voted No. 4, it is the Cubs in the history of the last Bit 20 wins pitcher.

When Po-Cubs in recent years to hear that he is a 20-win pitcher the last time, was very surprised, he prefers Zambrano (Carlo Zambrano) potential: "the strength to Zambrano, a career at least have one or two balls quarter to reach 20 wins, only a matter of time before it. "

"As long as we do, it will strive to accommodate players, Charles M. Lieber experienced team can definitely increase the sense of stability." Cubs general manager of Hang Cui (Jim Hendry), said: "Li Bo is a winner, is a bit strikeout and ground ball pitcher, enough to suppress the right-handed batters, his home (Wrigley Field) has good winning percentage, the team can have a good influence. "

Monday, August 16, 2010

In order to fill the foreign field strength

Drain off the outfield superb offensive and defensive general Jones (Andruw Jones), the Warriors actively looking for spare tire, 14, The Associated Press reported that the Warriors will trade in exchange for movement through the house Case (Mark Kotsay), this deal now has entered the final stage.

30 year old Jones, promoted to major league in 1996 after the Warriors stayed on, guarding center field barrier leak, ten consecutive years from 1998 to 2007, was named the National League Gold Glove Award, a career total of 368 home runs ranked active player No. 12, on a free agent after the season, and two years of 36.2 million U.S. dollars to the cost of fighting the enemy in Dodge, the contract also may not deal with terms.

In order to fill the foreign field strength, the young pitcher Difan Warriors (Joey Devine) plus cash, and activist, 32-year-old Casey exchange, were played for the Marlins career, clergy and activists, the average rate of 2 percent against 82, the previous quarter due to back injury only 56 games a race against the rate of 2 percent 14,20 RBIs were the lowest setting rookie season, become a free agent after the season ended.

It is expected that only Warriors center fielder Casey's "role transition", warriors, general manager of Vaughan (Frank Wren) said: "We will continue to look for suitable candidates to prepare for the next spring training."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Footed 26-year-old Pagan from 2000-05 came from a minor league city

To enhance the outfield fielding depth, the New York Mets for two minor league players trading the Chicago Cubs outfielder Pagen (Angel Pagan), this season will become the Mets right fielder.

Footed 26-year-old Pagan from 2000-05 came from a minor league city, traded to the Cubs in 2006, he played in two seasons in the Cubs, the average rate of 2 percent against 55 last year, 71 games out of competition, rate of 2 percent against 64,4 homers, 21 RBI and four stolen bases.

Mets this year, then returned home to find the root par, mainly Chinese and keep him off the outfield three fielding positions, and even the 2006-07 season in the Cubs starting 28 games served as a center fielder, he is all-round outfielder , may be entrusted to him this season Mets right fielder fielding task.

Fight for Pagan, Mets made two minor league players to the Cubs, respectively, 26-year-old outfielder Curles (Corey Coles) and 22-year-old relief pitcher Miles (Ryan Meyers). Curles rose last year from high-end 1A 3A, Miles is right-hander, in the order 1A appeared in 41 games, pitched 51.2 Board, record a win 4 lost, the average rate of 0.279 defense.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tsao returned to participate in the Asian Championships last year

Royals record 69 wins last year, lost 93, the AP only Bi Tanpa Bay Devil Rays (66 wins 96 lost) is good, only better than the National League Pittsburgh Pirates team (68 wins 94 lost) You, the Royal team in the hands prepare for the big Hilton transformation, enhancement of combat power bullpen especially.

Tsushima last year worked at the Warriors and Rangers, the Braves 30 games out of race to vote 28 Council, won a victory with 2.25 ERA, season to Rangers, 28 games in a race to vote under the 39 Board, Adds 2 wins and 2.77 ERA, while Tau Tianan Yan Classic national team in Japan, due to functional relay in the Japanese professional baseball career record 44 won 59 lost 9 of the successful rescue, an average of 4.03 ERA, is a gifted and experienced The relief pitcher.

The hui career in the big leagues in 50 games, fighting continued 4 wins 4 lost 5.40, ball quality good fast ball and curve ball, the official website report also noted that Tsao and Wang, Kuo, Chen Chin-feng, Clansmen and Villager, is Taiwan's only Some five Major League players, is a Taiwanese.

Tsao returned to participate in the Asian Championships last year, he stressed that his shoulder injury has long without problems, as long as the medicine brought from Taiwan, the official inspection by the major league without doping elements that should be able to take (with smooth muscle relaxation and blood effect), as long as traditional Chinese medicine, he had confidence that we can complete it after the season.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yabuda the contract with the Royal in 2010 due

Major League Baseball MLB Kansas City Royals announced today that Japan Professional Baseball, now 30-year-old right-Road Team and the Royal pitcher Tau Tianan Yan has signed a contract for two years six million U.S. dollars. Yabuda last year's inaugural World Baseball Classic is one of Japan to win the hero.

Yabuda years of life are the effectiveness of the Pacific Union Road team, in recent years as the main relay, the cumulative record is 44 wins 59 lost 9 rescue, defense rate of 4.03. He surrendered four wins this year, six failures, defense rate of 2.7 III transcripts, and has four save.

Yabuda the contract with the Royal in 2010 due, then the team has a contract or a buyout option.

Royal Moore, general manager, said: "Yabuda the past few years has been one of Japan's best relief pitcher, he will become an important morale and stability to help cow veteran."

March of last year's Baseball World Classic, a race four Yabuda cast five strikeouts and was knocked a spring home run, ERA 2.08.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Major League Baseball (MLB) National League Cy Young Award winners announced today

Major League Baseball (MLB) National League Cy Young Award winners announced today, 19 this year, gains the right wins the San Diego Padres pitcher Peavy certainly be comprehensive, there is no objection to win the award.

Among the 32 voters, Peavy won 32 first place votes, total score 160 points; Arizona Diamondbacks team Webber got 31 second vote, to 90 quarters behind second.

Peavy this year, the guys in the country stands out Lianzhong home, games won (19 games), ERA (2.54), strikeouts (240 times) are ahead of the pack, making him the 2002 "Giant strange, "Randy Johnson ‧ Since the first win in three data pitcher.

The performance of his privileged under the leadership of Padres pitcher defense team was 3.70, all major league minimum. The Peavy in 1989 Davis became the second winner of the clergy since the pitcher, and the priests in the history of fourth place winners.

Peavy, now 20-year-old's ups and downs of the past few years, 2004, 2005 respectively in ERA and strikeouts dominate the alliance, but last year only winning 14 and losing 11; this year to revive him glory, before the beginning of the season won 10 games, nine, also won a quarter final 10 Tokachi.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Major League Baseball New York Yankees announced today that the former masters of life

Major League Baseball New York Yankees announced today that the former masters of life as the new catcher Girardi was the Yankees Zong Jiaotou to replace Torre.

40-year-old Girardi has signed a three-year contract.

He started from 1996, four seasons as the Yankees catcher, in 2005 as Torre's bench coach.

Girardi in the first year and only year as the Florida Marlins Zong Jiaotou of 2006, was elected the best coach for the National League, as a dispute with the leadership team left the Marlins team.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

From the Rockies starting pitcher Francis (Jeff Francis) the previous registration plates

From the Rockies starting pitcher Francis (Jeff Francis) the previous registration plates, separated by a full 12 days, long no match for a play on Francis have suffered, the first bar Peizhuo Ya Red Sox (Dustin Pedroia) sweep the ball out "Green Monster", the detonation of the team, this arsenal of five under the Red Sox is an onslaught coming down 7 points, 13:1 lead late Dingsheng Ju.

Recent Red Sox just how "hot"? Single-field contribution to the two-base hit of the Youjilisi (Kevin Youkilis) described: "the team morale high almost bursts, spread infection around each teammate, everyone's faith is only one, that is, as soon as possible to pack Rocky! "

Series 26, Taipei time the second war to be held in Boston, Rocky task will be to grab victory "Fireball Kid" Hemiruizi (Ubaldo Jimenez), Red Sox launched the "old guy" Schilling (Curt Schilling) fight, Everyone exciting showdown can be expected.