Sunday, February 28, 2010

Microsoft, the U.S. Justice Department lawyers have acknowledged complaints from Google

Microsoft, a lawyer confirmed that Microsoft has had complaints from the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission that Google's business practices could harm publishers, advertisers interest will also affect the search and online advertising market.

Microsoft deputy general counsel and vice president Dave Heiner wrote in a blog, as the government agencies on the recently adopted an agreement with Yahoo's search discussions, Microsoft officials explained how the Google search advertising business of their own.

"As you might expect, the competition officials to put a lot of us to compete with Google, because this was the focus of partnership with Yahoo." Heiner said. "We have told some of what we know about Google's practices. Which is much need to explain the search advertising business. But which will necessarily involve the practice of Google, and some may harm the interests of publishers and advertisers, affecting search and Internet advertising market in the competition.

Microsoft and Yahoo since last July to reach an agreement will be, and Yahoo together to fight Google, competing search market share. Microsoft and Yahoo together in the U.S. search market share is only 28.3%, while Google's market share has reached 65.4%.

In a classic meeting, Hainer said that the creation of Google in the search field of the network effect, similar to Microsoft's dominance of computer operating systems, making it must be even and Yahoo join forces, it is difficult to win from the Valley singers search market share.

"Google's algorithm is a common reason for non-word search better than others, because more people Google search on those words. As a result, along with other network effect, making the other search engine is difficult to go beyond Google. Microsoft will be the popular search engine being accepted this challenge. for the search volume is less dependent on a number of innovative areas. but it must be also need to get search volume in order to increase the search words are not common the relevance of the results. "

Heiner said Microsoft is also concerned about Google's business practices would "lock publishers and advertisers," makes it harder to get search volume.

Heiner issued in the post few days ago, the product search engine Foundem (funded by Microsoft's Internet organizations) and Microsoft's products shopping site Ciao and French legal search engine EU Commission has also had complaints, Google will be its Search Results demotion, a series of issues. The European Commission confirmed that it is on these complaints, investigation of complaints, but the investigation was informal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The EU may launch an antitrust investigation Google

The EU spokeswoman Amelia Yatuolisi 24, confirmed that the European Union anti-monopoly office has received three online companies like Google's complaint. "We are reviewing these allegations, the time being there is no formal antitrust investigation."

According to the EU anti-trust provisions, if a company is accused of acts of EU member states the implementation of market monopoly, and if found guilty after investigation, the European Union have the right to impose up to the company's total revenue accounted for 10% of the fines. Currently, Microsoft and Intel have been subjected to the European Union for its huge antitrust penalties. According to British "Financial Times" estimates, Google search advertising industry in Europe, the share of up to 90%, even higher than that in the United States market share. Most analysts believe that Google's share in the United States is 80%.

Google denied the conduct in violation of European Union antitrust laws, but "very happy to provide further information about the allegations." Google is responsible for Europe, Middle East and African Affairs issued a high-level competition consultant Julia Holtz Bo-wen, said: "Once you become a large company, they will inevitably encounter such a review. But we can confidently say that our operations are consistent with the European Union competition law, also in line with the interests of customers and partners. "

The EU in the end did not specify which three companies made allegations against Google. But according to Google disclosed that three companies are: the UK price comparison service website foundem, French legal search engine ejustice. fr, and Microsoft recently acquired an online service provider ciao. Which, foundem and ejustice. fr sue Google "unfairly reduced their ranks its search results"; and ciao is to sue Google "artificially push up advertising prices."

Price on advertising, Google has insisted that the decision by the auction company to be no direct influence. However, experts point out that although the final price advertising by the auction decision, but the starting bid is the reserve price determined by Google. This shows that Google has control over the ability of the advertised price. With regard to ranking problems, Holtz said: "We understand how important rankings for the site. In particular, commercial websites, the higher ranking typically attract more traffic. But it is a computer science problem to solve very difficult. "

Some media here that Google since its inception although it encountered anti-monopoly investigation, but accepted by government departments, is the first time in person. The EU will decide whether a formal investigation, the growing expansion in the world, Google is, is worthy of attention once the alarm.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Network communication services into a complaint hot spots

Network and communication services to become a hot consumer complaints, shopping promotions, food catering, and tourism festival to be a sharp reduction in consumer complaints. Reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Council has just spent seven days of the Lunar New Year holiday period, the Council received a total of 30 consumer complaints, consumer advice telephone answering register 297.

City Council staff yesterday morning that the Chinese New Year holiday period of 7 days, "12315" consumer complaint hotline for reporting a total of answering consumer inquiries telephone 297 registered with the Chinese New Year in 2009 compared to 21.2% decrease; receiving consumer 30 cases of complaints over the previous year increased by 172%. Reflect the mall promotions to consumers, food catering, tourism and other festival in the past to be less consumption of hot issues, related consulting phone just received 4. This is mainly due in February this year, since the market supervision department stores, supermarkets, markets, food production and catering services, and other key sites and urban-rural, tourist attractions, railway stations and other key regional port launched a series of special inspection, effectively safeguarding the market order during the Spring Festival, and food safety.

According to City Council explained that the substantial increase in volume of complaints, mainly because the network, communication services, the Consumer complaints have become hot, the Urban Council has received complaints related to 20 cases, accounting for 66.7% of the total complaints received.

One on the "Tencent" network service complaints in 11 cases, accounting for 36.7% of the total received, consumers mainly reflecting the "underground city of warriors" and other games account has been closed, password theft, QQ account is lost can not be recovered, the game props theft and other problems; on China's mobile communication services in six of complaints, accounting for 20% of the total received, consumers reflects the problem involves Monternet, lobbyists SMS chargeback and back cards, Internet services and so on; on China's 3 cases of complaints of telecommunications services, accounting for 10% of the total received, consumers mainly reflecting the shutdown and can not be unreasonably withheld fees down and so on. In addition, some advice telephone service problems are also related to the network, consumers can not be mainly a reflection of the normal Internet access, air tickets or hotel set through the network when problems.

During the Spring Festival, a STAR on the "high-GOSPELL" mobile phone advertising has attracted some consumers. Advertising claims, 3G services, mobile phones, can be multi-party call, the Spring Festival gift to purchase large Li Bao, the domestic dial 1.5 yuan / minute, 600 Hua Fei, and so presented. Consumers get the goods found in the so-called 600 Huafei actually only 100, many are unable to dial calls. Statistics show that TV shopping advice for consumers complaints during the Spring Festival, a new hot spot. City Council then heard a total of 11 consumer-related telephone advice, including: advertising and in-kind does not match, festival offer, merchandise quality issues occur or the existence of defects such as appearance. The Association said that the TV shopping consumer complaints consultation, consumers generally can not provide the necessary evidence such as consumer certificate information, or vendor in a strange land and rights protection more difficult, consumers should choose carefully.

In addition, mobile phones and merchandise "three guarantees" the provisions of consumer complaints, consultation is still hot. Statistics show that the consultation related to mobile phones there are 37, mainly related to product quality, Returns, and after-sales maintenance and so on; related commodities "three guarantees" under 13, consumer's principal advisory commodities "three guarantees" scope, conditions and duration, etc. aspects of laws and regulations.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Microsoft is testing a new version next week, choose to open the browser interface, random order

After a long decision, Microsoft offered to accept the opponent's Opera browser ballotscreen program, which in mid-December last year, won the European Union's endorsement. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that from next week will be for Europe, WindowsXP, Vista, and open beta testing Windows7 user choice in a new browser interface.

From next week, Microsoft will be the United Kingdom, Belgium and France, three countries and regions, provide system upgrade patch, wish to participate in the browser interface for test selection WindowsUpdate Download Center users can access the patch. Install a patch, use IE as default browser for WindowsXP, Vista, and Windows7 users will see a prompt window describes the browser interface for program selection.

Each time a user opens a browser interface to see the browser a different sort, the top five browser windows will randomly sorted. In addition, using the scroll bar to browse the first 6 to 12 the location of the browser will be used randomly arranged .

Microsoft said the program will be March 1 at the European full extension.

Friday, February 19, 2010

ITC agreed to investigate the company has sued Nokia, its patent infringement lawsuit

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Friday agreed to investigate Apple's patent lawsuit against Nokia, the two technology giants of the legal battle continues.

Apple and Nokia, the dispute began in October last year, Nokia said that Apple is using its patented technology without paying. Apple subsequently filed a countersuit, the two sides of the litigation has been submitted ITC.

Apple asked the U.S. ITC ban sales of some models of Nokia mobile phones, Apple think that these products infringe its patents 9.

The case will be six ITC administrative law judge in a hearing scheduled at the beginning of the investigation within 45 days after the end.

ITC last month agreed to investigate Nokia's lawsuit against Apple, Nokia said that Apple infringed seven of its patents.

Between Nokia and Apple's annual number of legal disputes involving millions of royalty income.

Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone maker, but in the rapidly growing field of smart phones hit the rock. Apple's entry into the smart phone market in 2007, through the iPhone with great success.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A court hearing held in the case of Google Books, will soon be ruling

Federal Judge Denny Chin on Thursday (February 18) in New York held a much-awaited Google Book case hearing. This hearing would show that this case does not make a decision soon.

Judge Chin said it would immediately make a speech. However, the decision not do. He stressed that all parties concerned in this case provide a written report. He said, I will carefully listen to their views and is prepared to ask some questions.

Chin hearing, the judge did in the morning to do so. For example, he interrupted a lawyer to testify for Microsoft's speech and asked rival Sony agree with this proposed settlement, but why Microsoft did not agree.

So far, testimony of other organizations and enterprises, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Amazon, the National Association for the Blind and the Center for Democracy and Technology.

The case of the proposed settlement dispute is between Google and the U.S. signed between writers and publishers, allowing Google part of the show has been out of print, but copyrighted books part of the content and permission from the publisher and Google Books program is not restricted by copyright books .

The settlement agreement will allow Google to become the United States authorized the production of digital print books still under copyright, but the only organization. This agreement makes many writers and privacy of their supporters down.

However, the potential in the competition against Google to acquire such a unique right. Their joint action status has been approved. These authors without permission for Google to scan their books dissatisfied. Privacy advocates worry that companies monitor what people read books. U.S. Department of Justice on two occasions on this settlement agreement as "anti-monopoly" worried.

Monday, February 8, 2010

E-book market will usher in change

"We want to give a good beginning in 2010, today will release an incredible, revolutionary new products." This is a conference two weeks ago, Steve Jobs on Apple's opening remarks. iPad tablet PCs this dormant for several years, the final appearance of products.

Steve Jobs even changed the usual, with "Tablet PC is the most important product in my life" to describe the importance of iPad for him. iPad is compatible with all of Apple's online software store 140,000 applications, and fully support the iPod music, video, pictures, e-mail and other functions, even in the games, the world's largest PC game makers EA specially developed based on the iPad Need for Speed, baseball and other games. But most readers concerns of the industry is the release of iBooks platform with Steve Jobs. Industry analysis, iPad fueled the already hot again in the electronic reader market, iBooks will not only provide e-reading function, aimed at changing the public to read way, to attract readers to buy online, online reading books.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The challenges facing the price of Google phone

Google plans to compete with Nexus One with the iPhone, but several mobile phone manufacturers and carriers are oriole in the post, one after another planned in the European market a cheaper version of the Nexus One.

And even Vodafone, Google entered into with the signing of Nexus One network operator agreement, also plans to launch its Web site and shop in the cheaper version.

Nexus One of Taiwan's OEM handset makers HTC also launched new products to compete with Google mobile phone. The phone, code-named Bravo also based on the Google Android platform, Nexus One configured as large color touch screen and the 5 million pixel camera, also will be equipped with a microprocessor faster than the iPhone. The source said, Bravo priced lower than the Nexus One to one hundred U.S. dollars. Compared with Nexus One, manufacturers and operators in the Bravo sales methods have more autonomy.

Nexus One in the U.S. market faces the same predicament, Google repeatedly criticized the disappointing after-sales service. Google, handset makers HTC and carrier T-Mobile have not been established Nexus One after-sales service department, so customers experience the problem only through e-mail to Google to reflect, but must wait up to several days to receive a response.

Because Google insisted that only through the network marketing Nexus mobile phones, and therefore sales have been poor, release month, just sold in the United States since the 80000 mobile phones. By contrast, iPhone sales in the first month after the listing of 60 million units, Motorola's mobile phone market in the first month Droid is sell more than 50 million units.

In any case, Nexus One is considered to be able to compete with the iPhone handset. The Bravo next week in Barcelona, Spain, the 2010 Mobile World Congress appearance similarity with the Nexus cell phones will cause for concern.

Operators through its own stores and websites selling Bravo, without Google, "one-stop mobile phone shop" constraints. British operators O2 and Vodafone have expressed interest in Bravo right, T-Mobile and the French operator Orange also expressed its concern will be.

Nexus One last month, in the United States, next month will enter the British market. United Kingdom customers can purchase Nexus bare metal, you can also select Vodafone signed a long-term service agreement, so that you can phone free of charge. Service Agreement prices are expected the same with the iPhone. Vodafone last month for sale in the UK iPhone. Bravo may be a few weeks later the same in the UK.

According to the agreement with Google, Vodafone mobile phone orders only on the Nexus requests for processing. Google continues to direct sales through its own Web site Nexus One. Vodafone is to become Google's wireless partners in the United Kingdom, phone orders must be a clear distinction between orders and operation of the network.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

United States and five major publishers join forces threatening the Amazon e-book price increases

According to foreign media reports, the United States Writers Association (Authors Guild) executive director Paul Aiken, said yesterday that publisher Macmillan has agreed to independent pricing for the Kindle version of books, the Amazon again with the other five major publishers on the new terms of the contract negotiations , and is expected to provide more pricing power of these publishers and divided.

Amazon announced this week agreed to Macmillan with the highest price of 14.99 U.S. dollars to sell Kindle e-book. Previously, Amazon Kindle e-book on the best-selling is priced at 9.99 U.S. dollars, hoping to attract users to use low-cost book Kindle. Investment bank Collins Stewart believes that Amazon's compromise on the McMillan opened a gap, making Kindle more vulnerable to attack opponents.

Aiken said: "At least five publishers to enter into such an agreement with Amazon. Other publishers are also expected to follow. No follow-up is an irresponsible act."

Amazon's sale last weekend for all of the Macmillan books, to express "serious protest." Macmillan had previously threatened the Amazon, if not raising their prices, it will delay the publication of books.

Under the new agreement, Macmillan can book their own pricing, most products priced from 12.99 to 14.99 U.S. dollars. According to the contract proposal, retailers will be drawn 30% of the commission. However, the deal has not yet officially announced.

Amazon January 20 announced a new e-book program for authors and publishers to provide 70% of the share. Under the agreement, the price of e-books can not be more than 9.99 U.S. dollars, and the selling price must be a minimum price of more than print books for at least 20% lower.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forbes: Apple should concentrate on marketing and product development

"Forbes" article points out that Apple needs to focus more on marketing and product development.

Apple has finally released the highly anticipated iPad, but it could become a turning point in Apple's Steve Jobs era, suggesting Apple's future development path will change.

When the noise around the iPhone, after the dust settles, everyone is looking forward to Apple reassert magic. However, despite Steve Jobs claiming iPad is a wonderful product, but market response has been very dull. Apple's somewhat disappointing performance, there is no realization of the people expected.

Jobs like the technology industry wizards and salesmen, he used to write out a myth iPhone is expected to power of his magic will also iPad embodies. Ironic comment on web site "Onion" suggested Steve Jobs has announced the iPad forget the release date, and then put together all night long to be together 9 iPhone launch.

The irony is that its proposal does contain an element of truth or credibility. We believe that if Steve Jobs will be 9 iPhone together, he might really be it as a great new product launches. iPhone has sparked excitement among consumers, it is easy to imagine that it is a patchwork of Apple iPad also be a tremendous success.

People to apply more critical and rigorous attention to looking at things. EWeek has recently published a commentary article, entitled "If there is no Apple logo, iPad will fail the 10 reasons." The article listed 10 reasons for including Apple's Steve Jobs marketing mechanism and the star effect. Although these factors may not be sufficient to restore the fate of a product failure, but they are not enough to make a product with great success.

In fact, Jobs is now to fight with the disease, we are now more of him as a person, rather than God. Maybe it's just a certain competitive products, it has many unique features, there are many functions the same as with other products.

May choose to iPad as its name is, unfortunately, now circulating on the iPad joke many, many jokes regarded it with feminine hygiene products involved with. When people laugh at you, you can not keep you as a divine status.

Whatever the reason, Apple's introduction of trademarks and Jobs have been sufficient to enable the success of the iPad. Apple's long-term strategy has been around Apple and Steve Jobs to build a culture. I suspect that one day the time elapsed when Steve Jobs, Apple must have thought that as long as three days leave and then sit around and wait Jobs resurrection, all will be restored to their original.

If Apple can not rely on the marketing of its mechanism and Jobs's charisma to ensure the products to be successful, then it should expect? It should go to the successful marketing and product design excellence in the traditional criteria to find the answers. Fortunately, Apple has always been done in this area not bad. iPad is a good product, but not a great product. Few products can be a come on to become a great product. IPod and iPhone is not, but when they are constant over time, access to perfect their performance is getting better. Most products are like this developed, iPad will no doubt go down this road.

iPad is not a similar product in the best products. There is no best, only better. If you're just a person who loves reading, for other applications are not interested in, then for you, Kindle may be the best choice. If you only occasionally look at books and magazines, you want to use other applications, then you'd better to use iPad.

Good marketing activities can help consumers find out which product is the right choice in their best interest. The impact of propaganda aside, I think you'll find Apple's marketing strength may be great. Mac computers and PC computers is the best example of advertising. Apple actually conveyed to consumers through advertising that it wishes to convey to consumers of information.

When the release of Apple's talking about things like analysis of iPad why not as successful as it was expected, I hope Apple can understand that it is now re-focus to the real product marketing and product development on time and should not expect too much promotion or establishment of a culture. Information and Culture is not a long-term success or the key to development, marketing and product development is of overriding importance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nokia cut prices across the board

According to foreign media reports, the world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia last month, down product prices across the board, the maximum decline of 10%, the most inexpensive smart phone with rivals Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson mobile phones have direct competition in mid - .

Price adjustment, the Nokia 5230 smartphone the cheapest retail price in Finland is about 170 euros (239 dollars), at present the models priced at less than 120 euros. Last week, Nokia said that the smart phone over the previous quarter, quarterly revenues jumped 26%, up to 39 billion euros, boosting overall performance. Wholesale average price of Nokia smart phones from 190 euros in the third quarter declined to 186 euros.

Decline in handset prices has been the impact of Sony Ericsson mobile phone manufacturers, these companies focus for mid-range mobile phones or feature phones, and these kinds of cell phones, have a better camera or music player functions, but the lack of computer-like an open operation system.

Tracking the European mobile phone wholesale prices, research director of the British company CCSInsight Wood (BenWood) said that the latest round of price adjustment shows that Nokia's Symbian system, low-cost mobile phones ready to break into new areas.

Nokia said the normal price adjustment within its immediate operations. Is usually carried out every year Nokia's price cuts would be.

A time when Nokia's price cuts, following 2009 mobile phone industry started to recover after the occasion of the weak. Nokia's mobile phone market this year expected to grow 10%.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nine defects breakdown iPad

Nine defects breakdown iPad
Love Apple's products, had to endure its faults. iPad tablet released, are going separate ways Apple fans have begun to study iPad thin design of the performance of a piecemeal sort out a lot of flaws. Here we have a comprehensive User's Takami, listed the nine iPad defects to those eager to buy iPad domestic consumers will be playing the vaccinations! By not got on with you.
1. Can not support multi-tasking run
"Big Cup with" iPad repeat of the "small cup with" iPhone's mistakes, it does not support multi-tasking capabilities. That is, it can only ever be single-minded to do one thing while watching the website while you can not hang QQ, nor e-books while listening to music, watching ...... As for the ever-growing 140,000 applications, you can use a lifetime time 11 slowly try.
2. Not play Flash
As Uncle Joe does not like Flash, because he believed that the collapse of Flash is to make web pages culprit, so you happily open with the iPad "Happy Farm", the only see a large piece of blank, without knowing your home is the food not have crop failure.
3. There is no camera
Not followed by camera, not the same as the cell phone camera, I put up with; in front of no camera, not video, then I installed iChat to do? Again Well, you can begin to look forward to plug the iPadCamera the ......
4. Not free to 3G
iPad3G version of SIM cards for use with most mobile phones are not the same, known as MicroSIM, size is only half the size of ordinary SIM card, advantage is that you can store more data, better security and so on. Focus comes, unless the domestic telecom companies launch MicroSIM, or buy 3G version of the iPad has also not take 3G network access.
5. Is not a widescreen display
Screen ratio of 4:3, and now have been in 2010, and how many 4:3 video to match the nostalgic style iPad?
6. Hard disk capacity less than
The money collected online (legend 300 U.S. dollars can be purchased online on this, let alone a laptop you can buy 700 U.S. dollars), to the MP4 of memory, let us feel then ah! Can not such as mobile phones and memory cards, external hard drive is also used Biebieniuniu conversion lines, installed the game I installed was not put your photos ah, loading a photo I have installed do not install a film ah, loading the film I know which e-book ah?
7. Batteries are unable to change
10 hours of battery life is indeed a lot, one month standby time is also very strong, but who can tell me how long the battery life? IPad built-in battery can not such as mobile phones as replacement laptop until the battery hang up, we are in the absence of Power Interface can never thinking to turn the mirror when photographed.
8. There is no High Definition Multimedia Interface
One-touch direct access to iTunes Shop the feeling so cool bar! However, from the iTunes store to buy high-definition video can not be delivered to your HDTV, because there is no HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface iPad.
9. All are to be referred to wiring
An external screen, dedicated line adapter to connect a digital camera to use transit lanes, even the USB adapter, should use the dedicated line, which is what the morals ah! Go about their daily round and round to bring a dedicated line, to know is take a iPad, do not know thought it was hand-woven.