Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forbes: Apple should concentrate on marketing and product development

"Forbes" article points out that Apple needs to focus more on marketing and product development.

Apple has finally released the highly anticipated iPad, but it could become a turning point in Apple's Steve Jobs era, suggesting Apple's future development path will change.

When the noise around the iPhone, after the dust settles, everyone is looking forward to Apple reassert magic. However, despite Steve Jobs claiming iPad is a wonderful product, but market response has been very dull. Apple's somewhat disappointing performance, there is no realization of the people expected.

Jobs like the technology industry wizards and salesmen, he used to write out a myth iPhone is expected to power of his magic will also iPad embodies. Ironic comment on web site "Onion" suggested Steve Jobs has announced the iPad forget the release date, and then put together all night long to be together 9 iPhone launch.

The irony is that its proposal does contain an element of truth or credibility. We believe that if Steve Jobs will be 9 iPhone together, he might really be it as a great new product launches. iPhone has sparked excitement among consumers, it is easy to imagine that it is a patchwork of Apple iPad also be a tremendous success.

People to apply more critical and rigorous attention to looking at things. EWeek has recently published a commentary article, entitled "If there is no Apple logo, iPad will fail the 10 reasons." The article listed 10 reasons for including Apple's Steve Jobs marketing mechanism and the star effect. Although these factors may not be sufficient to restore the fate of a product failure, but they are not enough to make a product with great success.

In fact, Jobs is now to fight with the disease, we are now more of him as a person, rather than God. Maybe it's just a certain competitive products, it has many unique features, there are many functions the same as with other products.

May choose to iPad as its name is, unfortunately, now circulating on the iPad joke many, many jokes regarded it with feminine hygiene products involved with. When people laugh at you, you can not keep you as a divine status.

Whatever the reason, Apple's introduction of trademarks and Jobs have been sufficient to enable the success of the iPad. Apple's long-term strategy has been around Apple and Steve Jobs to build a culture. I suspect that one day the time elapsed when Steve Jobs, Apple must have thought that as long as three days leave and then sit around and wait Jobs resurrection, all will be restored to their original.

If Apple can not rely on the marketing of its mechanism and Jobs's charisma to ensure the products to be successful, then it should expect? It should go to the successful marketing and product design excellence in the traditional criteria to find the answers. Fortunately, Apple has always been done in this area not bad. iPad is a good product, but not a great product. Few products can be a come on to become a great product. IPod and iPhone is not, but when they are constant over time, access to perfect their performance is getting better. Most products are like this developed, iPad will no doubt go down this road.

iPad is not a similar product in the best products. There is no best, only better. If you're just a person who loves reading, for other applications are not interested in, then for you, Kindle may be the best choice. If you only occasionally look at books and magazines, you want to use other applications, then you'd better to use iPad.

Good marketing activities can help consumers find out which product is the right choice in their best interest. The impact of propaganda aside, I think you'll find Apple's marketing strength may be great. Mac computers and PC computers is the best example of advertising. Apple actually conveyed to consumers through advertising that it wishes to convey to consumers of information.

When the release of Apple's talking about things like analysis of iPad why not as successful as it was expected, I hope Apple can understand that it is now re-focus to the real product marketing and product development on time and should not expect too much promotion or establishment of a culture. Information and Culture is not a long-term success or the key to development, marketing and product development is of overriding importance.

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