Friday, February 19, 2010

ITC agreed to investigate the company has sued Nokia, its patent infringement lawsuit

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) Friday agreed to investigate Apple's patent lawsuit against Nokia, the two technology giants of the legal battle continues.

Apple and Nokia, the dispute began in October last year, Nokia said that Apple is using its patented technology without paying. Apple subsequently filed a countersuit, the two sides of the litigation has been submitted ITC.

Apple asked the U.S. ITC ban sales of some models of Nokia mobile phones, Apple think that these products infringe its patents 9.

The case will be six ITC administrative law judge in a hearing scheduled at the beginning of the investigation within 45 days after the end.

ITC last month agreed to investigate Nokia's lawsuit against Apple, Nokia said that Apple infringed seven of its patents.

Between Nokia and Apple's annual number of legal disputes involving millions of royalty income.

Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone maker, but in the rapidly growing field of smart phones hit the rock. Apple's entry into the smart phone market in 2007, through the iPhone with great success.

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