Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pettitte rolling in 16 major league seasons

Pettitte rolling in 16 major league seasons, in addition to 3-year validity for astronauts, other time is as the Yankees pitcher, so if you want to make the last quarter, it should still choose the Yankees, "in Houston 3 years is great, and this is no doubt, but this time in his career, in addition to New York than to have no other choice, I just feel like I was there for so many years, and many people experienced a lot of things together . "

Make old-fashioned key into a long examination of family factors is, "My children grew up, one of which is about high school, and I do not want to miss his entire school life. I want to see him grow, but if you play in the big leagues, can not see the whole picture. "

Although 38 years old, but Pettitte's performance this year is still very interesting season, though only a race because of injury 21 games, 11 wins, 3 was able to pay out of defeat, 3.28 ERA good results, it seems that the years did not allow his strength How much backward.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kuo pitched the Dodgers this year

Kuo pitched the Dodgers this year, a career best performance, next salary point of $ 2,000,000 (approximately NT 60.4 million yuan), the authority of the United States baseball statistics, James (Bill James) predicted Kuo race next year, his career record of 60 games season-high score 5 wins, 2 lost 4 rescue, 2.45 ERA, content, and Terminator Pueblo Princeton matched, if not out of the fabric of this year's low fat, Kuo will remain the preferred candidate to succeed closed.

Kuo as the Dodgers bullpen this year, key players, season replacement show more aliasing Buloh Princeton, hold 12 games for the Dodgers victory even more refreshing 1.20 ERA single-season team history pitcher pitching more than 50 of the lowest, so that he achieved by the end of salary arbitration with the team a great advantage.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Okuma sailors become the new owner

Rock Okuma sailors become the new owner, might be a good choice, because this team collaboration with the Japanese player experience, in addition to masters star Ichiro Suzuki, the last city of the island have also recruited and Kazuhiro Sasaki, Kenji and other players, So rock Okuma to Seattle, should be faster than elsewhere adapt to the new environment.

Rakuten Golden Eagle Rock Okuma is the ace pitcher, aged 29, he boarded the Japanese professional baseball in 2001 the stage, handed down 10 years, won 101 lost 62, 3.32 ERA report card, this year is 10 wins and cast 9 defeated, 2.82 ERA performance.

2008 is the rock Okuma career peak, with 21 wins 4 lost, 1.87 ERA results won the pitcher's highest honor Sawamura Award, and rock Okuma in 2009 the second World Baseball Classic to help the Japanese team to win, then throw good after the performance began to be outside attention.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Live together and follow the fireworks to celebrate the Rangers 3 points revenue

Another game, look at that Major League Baseball, World Series third war. Texas Rangers, 4 to 2, beat San Francisco Giants, pulled one back.

Back to the Texas home, the momentum are not the same, the Rangers team in the full house of 52,000 fans a warm welcome, the grand debut, this is Rangers history, organized the first World Series at home, former President Bush Greece has every the Sheng Kung. Second Board, the Rangers have to point Cenci as the ninth meeting of the rookie rod Molander first baseman smacked two-thirds cannons.

Live together and follow the fireworks to celebrate the Rangers 3 points revenue, guns also opened Hu Hamilton contributed a solo shot in mind, coupled with a successful starting pitcher Luis giant fire suppression, pitched 7 and 2 / 3 innings only was knocked five hits, gave up two home runs lost 2 points, while sending 6 strikeouts, superb cast to play to help win the important games of Texas Army.