Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kuo pitched the Dodgers this year

Kuo pitched the Dodgers this year, a career best performance, next salary point of $ 2,000,000 (approximately NT 60.4 million yuan), the authority of the United States baseball statistics, James (Bill James) predicted Kuo race next year, his career record of 60 games season-high score 5 wins, 2 lost 4 rescue, 2.45 ERA, content, and Terminator Pueblo Princeton matched, if not out of the fabric of this year's low fat, Kuo will remain the preferred candidate to succeed closed.

Kuo as the Dodgers bullpen this year, key players, season replacement show more aliasing Buloh Princeton, hold 12 games for the Dodgers victory even more refreshing 1.20 ERA single-season team history pitcher pitching more than 50 of the lowest, so that he achieved by the end of salary arbitration with the team a great advantage.

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