Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This contract will defensive group together

The deal was first reported by the Houston Chronicle and Houston television station KRIV reported. This contract will defensive group together, which also includes 2006 champion Mario - Williams and in 2009 named the Associated Press Defensive Rookie of the Year Brian - Cushing. Village Anse leadership fellow linebacker Cushing is the key to development of the 133 block of Cushing, Texas, who ranked team first.

Village Anse to seek comment on AP reporters Liu Xia and Liao Yitiao message, the 25-year-old from Bessemer, Alabama, a local player told the Houston Chronicle, the new deal was "incredible" and that he was "very grateful." Although the team has not officially announced the deal, Texans linebacker Zac Diles team and left Tackle Duane - Brown, congratulations are in Twitter where anns signed the contract.

Village Anse, a second-round pick from Alabama, he played for Texans in every game both as a starter as a professional player with 7.5 times sack, two steals and five times to force the ball away.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kids eat beans a year of unemployment is expected to return to the NFL

Adam - Jones is trying to stage a comeback in 2010.

At least three teams - Lions, Tigers and the 49 team - on this issue cornerback expressed "great interest", although there is no signing is imminent, the agent Ray - Savage said Friday. Savage said he hoped that in the near future and that a few teams to arrange a personal conversation. "There is nothing will happen soon, I hope that in future arrangements for a week or two weeks here talking," Savage said. Coach in Detroit, Jim - Jones, Schwarz said the Lions in signing a "definite interest" Two days later, Savage made the above comments.

Schwartz said on a conference Wednesday at the NFL Lions are to gather more information on the Jones level of commitment, as well as how he can adapt to the Detroit system. Lions is a workout last week in Orleans, one of the Jones team. Savage said the Tigers earlier this year, Jones took part in workouts, and we hope to return to Cincinnati next week. We are trying to coordinate with the San Francisco area, go there and meet them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rams had a first-round picks

Rams had a first-round picks, Raiders No. 8, Bill No. 9 team in the second round, Rams are the first 33 picks, Raiders, No. 39, Bill Team 41. Philadelphia will send Macnab on the other side of the 33 St. Louis, trading draft picks plus security Wei Oshiomoghe Atogwe of the Rams more than rumors have been rejected by officials in a firm, including the coach, Steve - Spano Ancient Luo.

If the Philadelphia side has decided to deal Raiders is now considered a leader in the pursuit of McNabb. If the other party to present more favorable to other draft picks plus / or players, but also may Hawks would accept a 42 outside the picks. McNabb is worth to the transaction, because he is entering a contract last season, but Kolb is considered the team's future quarterback. 33-year-old McNabb has led Philadelphia in 11 seasons in the NFC reached the finals five times, once won the NFC championship. McNabb last year, had a great season, but the team lost a row in Dallas the last two games. Cowboys first loss to the Hawks lost the game so that NFC East title and thus miss the opportunity of direct access to the playoffs. In the second match in the playoffs again, losing the wild card race cowboy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hunter - Smith each Punt is 41.3 meters

Hunter - Smith each Punt is 41.3 meters, the last season in Washington Punt hand, but the leg injury made him miss three games. Sam - Paulescu, Glenn - Pakulake and kicker Sean - Choi Cham Smith injured his time to fill the vacancy.

Also in Tuesday, Offensive tackle Stephen - Haier from the NFL's performance-based pay pool receive 265,000 U.S. dollars reward. This is to compensate those whose playing time and salary does not match the player. Haier starting spot last season, the salary is only 467 thousand U.S. dollars.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Ben charged with sexual assault of 20-year-old female college student

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike - Tomlin never cover up its own right quarterback in this - Roethlisberger's concern, because the love will continue to trouble since last year, which has recently been a 20-year-old female university student accused him of sexual abuse in their own existence.

Milledgeville, Georgia, according to police, a 20-year-old female college student accused of Big Ben in a nightclub against him of sexual abuse, time earlier this month, coincidentally, last June, a woman accused him of Tajikistan in 2008 Huo a casino in Lake raped his own Wallace denied the allegations, the court did not make a guilty verdict.

Although this time the charges and the last are very similar, but so that Steelers coach Tomlin did not feel relaxed, he said: "I am very worried about the team and Big Ben, I am afraid a lot of things, but I think that a good observation of the secondary , in accordance with procedures to care, I'm right the forthcoming survey expressed strong concern, just like everyone else, I also know the truth. "

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hawks at his university when he decided to observe selected in the draft

Tap growing up in Virginia, studied at the Virginia Polytechnic University. Hawks at his university when he decided to observe selected in the draft, he had no idea that was selected ahead of Seattle. Tap is a restricted free agent, and the Seahawks this week signed a one-year contract. His contract will go to 2012 season.

Howard in 2006 as an unrestricted free agent to join the Hawks, had participated in all 64 regular-season games and six playoff games, in his second interception of the 122 have 22.5 times sack. "Darren - Howard in the past few years has become our defensive group, the most efficient member of the most versatile," coach Andy - Reid said. "He is a steady player, whether he is off the playing field to a leader."

Curtis in 2007 as an unrestricted free agent and the Philadelphia Eagles signed, in the 28 games he participated in 116 plays the ball a total of 1577 yards and 8 touchdowns. In the 2007 season after a strong performance (77 times the ball a total of 1110 yards and 6 touchdowns), the last two years he has been tortured by a conservative injuries. "Kevin is the kind of classic I've never left one of his players," Reid said. "He's kind of like we built teams and players. To have a young core of this team to take over things we feel good."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brown, veteran quarterback to accept two-year contract

Jack - Deerhuomu in the NFL have a new home at the same time, the Cleveland Browns have another new quarterback.

Deerhuomu, Carolina Panthers cancellation last week, Brown's teams agreed to a two-year contract terms. Brown's team since the club 11 years ago as an expansion team back in the league since the quarterback position has been without a stable player. Deerhuomu's agent, Rick - Smith said that this 35-year-old quarterback will be in the club's off-season period of adjustment before the start and the team signed. Smith declined to comment, saying only that Deerhuomu will be in Cleveland to resume his career. A team spokesman said Brown's team has not issued a circular plan.

Cleveland Browns have been busy to solve this difficult position. Earlier this week, Brown signed a reserve team quarterback Seneca - Wallace, and, and was selected all-star lineup of quarterback Derek - Anderson termination, Anderson in the past two seasons performance does not good, has been struggling. Deerhuomu expected, and Brady - Quinn competitive position of the team's starting quarterback, Quinn has not been the club's new decision-makers recognized.

Deerhuomu Thursday, when Brown visited the team and the team but did not reach an agreement, he had planned with his hometown team the New Orleans Saints to meet, but the team worked out the contract and Brown after the rules for cancellation of this trips.

Deerhuomu last season was the worst performance since become a professional player of a season, he has 18 passes were steals, Panthers, and his team decided to cancellation despite the team still owes him more than 1200 U.S. dollars salary. Deerhuomu effect in the Carolina starting the team's record during the 58 wins 40 losses, and led the team in 2003 season, the first and only time so far into the Super Bowl, although in the final race by 29 over 32 loss to the New England Patriots.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Olsen's careers

The former Green Bay Packers offensive linebacker Jerry - Kramer, in his 1968 book, "Instant Replay" and has recorded how he was afraid of Olson, this book is that he and the late sports journalist and radio member Dick - shap connate. "I will face Merlin - Olsen, that is absolutely not a fun job," Kramer wrote. "Merlin never relax, no matter what the score field, he will best the run you."

Olsen in 1973, the year was voted NFC Defensive linebacker in 1974 was awarded NFL's MVP, 1982 was elected to NFL Hall of Fame. "Merlin - Olsen is NFL history, one of the greatest players," general manager Billy Rams - Advani said. "His passing away is a great loss to Rams." He will serve as the team and the Union envoys are the people always remember.

In Olson's career had a few guest appearances on television, in 1976, he retired, he became a full-time actor, he was most memorable role is and Michael - Langdon, Melsa - Gill Burt starred with the 1977-1981 broadcast of "Prairie House" in Jonathan - Garvey, as well as drama "Father Murphy."

He also race as a guide. Olson was not like some only know football, and will only play in the commentary about her career, retired players. He was very eloquent and very intelligent, he is the son of a former school teacher, he earned summa cum laude BA in Economics from Utah State University, and in his 15 seasons in the NFL to get a master's degree in economics . "Merlin is the 19th century, 70 years to 80 years in the NBC family, a respected, announcer, as he has done as good as his football field," NBC Sports president Ken - Sanchez said. "Merlin his knowledge of the game, and his humanity he brought together the work undertaken."

Utah State University football games will be in December last year, Romney Stadium to Olson's name. Because of his illness, Olson's alma mater, did not wait for football season began, but in a basketball game halftime announced this decision. Olsen was a good physical condition to participate in this ceremony, but did not speak. He stood up and smiled and waved to the fans. Then with the fans to stand and shouted, "Merlin - Olsen!" Utah State University also plans to the southeast corner of the stadium stands a statue of Olson.

In the Rams last December 20 in a game in praise of the video through Kornberg awarded honorary Olson, Olson did not attend because of health problems, and his name has been in St. Louis Edward Jones Dome and other outstanding teams together as part of the Hall of Fame.

"I love football the game," Olsen in the Hall of Fame said in his speech. "Lawn there are some special magic, when I came on the pitch, victory or defeat, there will always fall into your head, one thing I am sure that I miss most about this campaign is people, very special person and those ups and downs. "Olsen died, leaving behind his wife Susan and three children, who Thursday's funeral arrangements, did not speak.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Denver Broncos and Jarvis - Green signing

Denver Broncos signed unrestricted free agent by Jarvis - Green to continue to strengthen their defensive line, Green's previous eight NFL seasons in the New England Patriots the team.
Green, 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighing 285 pounds, very proficient in 3-4 formation, this formation is the last season, Josh McDaniels from the Bill Belichick of the Patriots coaching staff left to become head coach in Denver after adopted.
Last season, Green in 13 games, 47 second interception, including 12 starts.
Patriots team in 2002 was from the Louisiana State University in order to check the identity of the fourth-round draft pick after his 121 games in a total of 325 times to intercept and 28th sack. In the 15 games he participated in the playoffs have 36 interceptions and five sub-sack.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saints win Behind the scenes there is a real master of handwriting

Saints play at the critical moment the right tactics, thus reversing the first half, leading 31-17 Colts won the first seat Lombardi trophy, Sean - Payton's performance is absolutely at the Super Bowl MVP level, Unfortunately, he as a coach unable to obtain this award.

Payton today's most stunning tactic is to play in the second half started deploying short-range one to leave the ball, the kick-off Saints half resulted in chaos, but finally Saints team SWAT team came out on top, the right to grab the ball that, in order for the subsequent recovery points to win precious time, while allowing the Colts to play a little offense, using the attack, Thomas came up to Brisbane for the array, the Saints will score against over. From the point of view is the player with outstanding performance scene, but behind the scenes of the director of which is Sean - Gary Payton - who looks a bit arrogant coach, in fact, Peyton had a failure the first half, 1 minute 49 seconds left at the end , Saints team has to 3-10 behind, this time they attacked to the end line before the 1 yard, Payton insisted that Thomas, red ball, but without success, missed a touchdown opportunity.

During the break, Payton will be arranging a short-play tactics, Thomas - Mositede before the ball went, as usual, but a weakly kicked the ball toward the Colts the next player Hank - Bass Hackett away, Baskett caught off guard, the ball shells landed in the chest after the ball was quickly threw himself along with his past, including saints Zhongqiang suppressed, and soon the two sides come in 20 flood Rendui, finally referee announced that the ball has been the Saints linebacker Jonathan - Kasilasi grab. In yet another touchdown after the Colts, Saints to 16-17 was also behind a sub, Brisbane consecutive passes create a continuous 59 yards forward, the last 2 yards passing to help Xiaoji Da array, this time Payton unexpectedly layout 2 Additional sub-sub-tasks, Brisbane pass to Lance - Moore, after Moore caught the ball near the end line then fell to the ground, referee a decision void start after challenge by Gary Payton, commuted to effective, so to lead the Saints to reach 7 hours 6 minutes left in the game situation, at least ensure that this team undefeated in the regular time, the pressure completely turned to the side of the Colts.

Followed by well-produced by Manning to kill even missed a pass under pressure, was Tracy - Porter steals passes, completing 74 yards back to offensive touchdown, this time Colts hopeless situation, this time Payton was loose one breath, he said: "The victory is an affirmation to all the players, who faithfully carried out tactics." seconds left in the game, the Saints players on the team toward the coach, he was carried to the center, do not know At this point in mind, he would imagine what kind of landing position.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who is the ball with one-third of the Lakers dead

Heat to 114 compared with 111 victory over the Lakers, the Heat's game Quentin - Richardson hit 7 three-pointers scored 25 points and five rebounds, he joined hands with Wade as the team has won a Field tough victory.

When the fourth quarter 42 seconds left in game, when Kobe Bryant has once again demonstrated his magic touch, facing the ball dropped into the eyes of all the basket and the Lakers than the score again, the Heat once again pushed to the impasse edge - the last Juesha still fresh in our memory, really be that today they will once again fell to the hands of Kobe Bryant do?

Wade dribbled quickly advanced to the former field, shaking, change direction, acceleration, Wade will be rivals to attract the attention of all his body, and then he chose to pass, yes, the Heat's boss believes his teammates have chosen , and let him so willing to give up a person is cast in Quentin - Richardson, this season, averaging just 8.1 points last-minute guy became the team's hope.

Too late to adjust the ball, defensive players have rushed over, large Q ball quickly voted out, all eyes are on the move with the basketball arc until it is lake-like water dripping into the basket, the Heat on the bench a boil, while the Lakers players face filled with disappointment.

In fact, this is not a Juesha ball, although his shooting for the Heat regained the lead situation, but Bryant was then hit a ball to play a critical care into overtime - but the ball definitely not the meaning of Asia at the time Juesha, think about it, without this one-third of the ball, maybe Kobe Bryant has been in the regular time to resolve the Heat, the two sides will not have that extra time, Wade had no chance of tasting the joy of the final.

Today, the team won the big Q is undoubtedly a key figure, not only because he was cast in the fourth quarter of that one-third of the ball, in fact, competition in the first three quarters of his outstanding performance in the surprising: Section When the Lakers twice in the middle attack will succeed beyond the score when the third ball of his poor will be narrowed to 1 point; third quarter, he scored 11 points single-Wade to his three passes he would not waste, whenever the Lakers short-lived attempt to pull the score, when the outbreak of large Q can be disappointed with his shooting Ling Duishou.

11 voted seven three-pointers, this is Quentin - Richardson played this season, best game, in the January 3 contest with the Bobcats, he had voted six outside 12, but unfortunately the team eventually lost to rivals, today to face old foes the Lakers in the face unparalleled brave excellent condition - Kobe Bryant, big Q broke out a more astonishing energy, he scored a team-high 25 points the second , and this time he has, together with the team finally had the last laugh.

Kobe Bryant, Dwyane - Wade, when we put attention on the two men who, when Quentin - Richardson has become the scene of the looting that most of the supporting roles - 30 years old, three consecutive scoring average has never been more than 11 points in February this year, the last four games without a score to 10 players, but today the fiercest thrown an exception of 7 three-pointers, the Lakers dead Ke Sang Sang, which will undoubtedly become the most of his career, one worth remembering the game.