Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kids eat beans a year of unemployment is expected to return to the NFL

Adam - Jones is trying to stage a comeback in 2010.

At least three teams - Lions, Tigers and the 49 team - on this issue cornerback expressed "great interest", although there is no signing is imminent, the agent Ray - Savage said Friday. Savage said he hoped that in the near future and that a few teams to arrange a personal conversation. "There is nothing will happen soon, I hope that in future arrangements for a week or two weeks here talking," Savage said. Coach in Detroit, Jim - Jones, Schwarz said the Lions in signing a "definite interest" Two days later, Savage made the above comments.

Schwartz said on a conference Wednesday at the NFL Lions are to gather more information on the Jones level of commitment, as well as how he can adapt to the Detroit system. Lions is a workout last week in Orleans, one of the Jones team. Savage said the Tigers earlier this year, Jones took part in workouts, and we hope to return to Cincinnati next week. We are trying to coordinate with the San Francisco area, go there and meet them.

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