Friday, March 12, 2010

Olsen's careers

The former Green Bay Packers offensive linebacker Jerry - Kramer, in his 1968 book, "Instant Replay" and has recorded how he was afraid of Olson, this book is that he and the late sports journalist and radio member Dick - shap connate. "I will face Merlin - Olsen, that is absolutely not a fun job," Kramer wrote. "Merlin never relax, no matter what the score field, he will best the run you."

Olsen in 1973, the year was voted NFC Defensive linebacker in 1974 was awarded NFL's MVP, 1982 was elected to NFL Hall of Fame. "Merlin - Olsen is NFL history, one of the greatest players," general manager Billy Rams - Advani said. "His passing away is a great loss to Rams." He will serve as the team and the Union envoys are the people always remember.

In Olson's career had a few guest appearances on television, in 1976, he retired, he became a full-time actor, he was most memorable role is and Michael - Langdon, Melsa - Gill Burt starred with the 1977-1981 broadcast of "Prairie House" in Jonathan - Garvey, as well as drama "Father Murphy."

He also race as a guide. Olson was not like some only know football, and will only play in the commentary about her career, retired players. He was very eloquent and very intelligent, he is the son of a former school teacher, he earned summa cum laude BA in Economics from Utah State University, and in his 15 seasons in the NFL to get a master's degree in economics . "Merlin is the 19th century, 70 years to 80 years in the NBC family, a respected, announcer, as he has done as good as his football field," NBC Sports president Ken - Sanchez said. "Merlin his knowledge of the game, and his humanity he brought together the work undertaken."

Utah State University football games will be in December last year, Romney Stadium to Olson's name. Because of his illness, Olson's alma mater, did not wait for football season began, but in a basketball game halftime announced this decision. Olsen was a good physical condition to participate in this ceremony, but did not speak. He stood up and smiled and waved to the fans. Then with the fans to stand and shouted, "Merlin - Olsen!" Utah State University also plans to the southeast corner of the stadium stands a statue of Olson.

In the Rams last December 20 in a game in praise of the video through Kornberg awarded honorary Olson, Olson did not attend because of health problems, and his name has been in St. Louis Edward Jones Dome and other outstanding teams together as part of the Hall of Fame.

"I love football the game," Olsen in the Hall of Fame said in his speech. "Lawn there are some special magic, when I came on the pitch, victory or defeat, there will always fall into your head, one thing I am sure that I miss most about this campaign is people, very special person and those ups and downs. "Olsen died, leaving behind his wife Susan and three children, who Thursday's funeral arrangements, did not speak.

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