Monday, March 8, 2010

Saints win Behind the scenes there is a real master of handwriting

Saints play at the critical moment the right tactics, thus reversing the first half, leading 31-17 Colts won the first seat Lombardi trophy, Sean - Payton's performance is absolutely at the Super Bowl MVP level, Unfortunately, he as a coach unable to obtain this award.

Payton today's most stunning tactic is to play in the second half started deploying short-range one to leave the ball, the kick-off Saints half resulted in chaos, but finally Saints team SWAT team came out on top, the right to grab the ball that, in order for the subsequent recovery points to win precious time, while allowing the Colts to play a little offense, using the attack, Thomas came up to Brisbane for the array, the Saints will score against over. From the point of view is the player with outstanding performance scene, but behind the scenes of the director of which is Sean - Gary Payton - who looks a bit arrogant coach, in fact, Peyton had a failure the first half, 1 minute 49 seconds left at the end , Saints team has to 3-10 behind, this time they attacked to the end line before the 1 yard, Payton insisted that Thomas, red ball, but without success, missed a touchdown opportunity.

During the break, Payton will be arranging a short-play tactics, Thomas - Mositede before the ball went, as usual, but a weakly kicked the ball toward the Colts the next player Hank - Bass Hackett away, Baskett caught off guard, the ball shells landed in the chest after the ball was quickly threw himself along with his past, including saints Zhongqiang suppressed, and soon the two sides come in 20 flood Rendui, finally referee announced that the ball has been the Saints linebacker Jonathan - Kasilasi grab. In yet another touchdown after the Colts, Saints to 16-17 was also behind a sub, Brisbane consecutive passes create a continuous 59 yards forward, the last 2 yards passing to help Xiaoji Da array, this time Payton unexpectedly layout 2 Additional sub-sub-tasks, Brisbane pass to Lance - Moore, after Moore caught the ball near the end line then fell to the ground, referee a decision void start after challenge by Gary Payton, commuted to effective, so to lead the Saints to reach 7 hours 6 minutes left in the game situation, at least ensure that this team undefeated in the regular time, the pressure completely turned to the side of the Colts.

Followed by well-produced by Manning to kill even missed a pass under pressure, was Tracy - Porter steals passes, completing 74 yards back to offensive touchdown, this time Colts hopeless situation, this time Payton was loose one breath, he said: "The victory is an affirmation to all the players, who faithfully carried out tactics." seconds left in the game, the Saints players on the team toward the coach, he was carried to the center, do not know At this point in mind, he would imagine what kind of landing position.

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