Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Description of Painting of Eileen Mason

4, said: Eileen Mason
Creator: cable - Garrett Spain
Specification: 65cm × 52cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at: Prado Museum in Madrid
Portrait painting from the painting is clearly draft a big artist with wide brush strokes, starting from the image, as a realist painting of skilled techniques, highlighting the girl's character, temperament, coat the red parquet, strong and stimulating, more people think girl warm and cheerful.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Corot’s Representative Landscape Masterpiece----"Mengte Fontaine Memories"

This is a "Mengte Fontaine memories" is the most mature late Corot is one of the most representative landscape masterpiece. Mengte Fontaine is located north of Paris, near Senlis, Corot, who had set foot there, felt that a garden of beauty. This painting is the artist of this beautiful memories. Screen to start at the corner of the forest lake, early morning mist dispersed, forest and lake of fresh water constitutes a warm and humid air feel of nature. The right to screen a total of about three-fifths of giant trees, opposite a small dead tree with its echoes, to enhance the image of balance. Twigs tilt in one direction, it is harmonious and rhythmic. Two trees in the middle of the lake appeared calm as a mirror. Sunshine scattered among the leaves to the grass, awoke four blooming red flowers. The women wear a red dress and face toward the left side of the tree trees, raised his hands and looked up the grass picking mushrooms on a tree trunk. The whole picture, the three characters seem full of life. Although they all deal with the artist on one side, but density has caused. Corot painted landscapes, often painted on the trees in the foreground like soft reclining branches, to increase the screen's lyricism. If this picture in the left tree trees is also a case. Look at trees contorted posture, apparently due to the breeze blowing caused by long-term.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

French Symbolist Painting Master Moreau

Moreau such work has provoked the anger of the audience, many of his "Salome" questioned the artist, but replied: "If you imagine this picture into my mystical symbol of the spiritual realm, you'll love this way to depict the theme, because Salome this depressed, easily agitated, and sensual woman, see her enemies down, and did not show how happy she fed her every a desire to always be satisfied. this woman coldly, brutally murder in that just as contaminated garden walk, and I want to describe these subtle definition section, these are not the subject matter, but rather in the temperament of today's women found. they seek unhealthy feelings, they are so stupid, even thrilling horror does not make them tremble, this is my description of one aspect of the subject. "From this brief text, we can feel performance artist is to emphasize the symbolic concept, therefore, face painting in his works, traditional and modern two factors coexist at the same time, we are also his work to see a passion, seduction and death theme .
Morrow is the symbolism of the French painter, created a lot of life, the image of Salome works. It features the image of women most makeup, sexy mystery, face cold and tempting, all of this, have a very strong visual impact. In the technique, the Moro to smooth strokes and precise shape of the screen to produce a bright and full of light perception. The artist is very good at playing the color feature, so, he described the women are obviously full implications, which the artist is the image of the symbol as a symbol of the era, rather than re-reproduction of the real world. Therefore, it is described by critics said he thought these images with the same.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Post-impressionist Leger and His Lifetime

Early 20th century, Leger by post-impressionist master Paul Cezanne and Picasso's Cubism master effects, the creation of Cubism began his career in many of his early works, show a preference for mechanical. Cubism and Picasso and other different is that Leger's Cubist painting is a mechanical Cubism. This comes from the artist's worship and mechanical fantasy. So he put great enthusiasm, careful to depict all around machine tools, such as steel, aircraft, bridges and cars, and even in some of his works, the character's image began to form and geometric collage. All of this is in evoke the memory of the mechanical age, indicating the artist's deep concern for public utilities. In his later years he was still in Paris, the proletarian subject matter of real life, the creation of Cubism painting objects, those sailors, circus, picnicking, hiking, machinery and workers' demonstrations and other scenes are depicted his main target. Leger's Cubist painting of machinery after the advertising and design have a significant impact.
Leger (Femand Leger, 1881 ---- 1955), was born in Argentina, farming families, from early architectural apprentice. 1900 and moved to Paris to make ends meet and did some odd jobs. When the photo was modified in a studio member. 1903 studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, with local artists, like many young people, by the impact of Impressionism and Fauvism, but also affected by Picasso's Cubism, and Picasso met in 1909, often in a variety of Cubism venue, established in the early style of painting. In 1920 a large number of articles written during the 1930s, trying to find a solution in theory, painting problems, and also published a series of quite politically insightful articles to the community called for respect for freedom of innovators, influence gradually expanded. 1940-1945 lived in the United States, taught at several universities during the period. Returned to Paris in 1946 and joined the French Communist Party. Held in Poland in 1948 to attend the defense of world peace conference later years more contact ceramic design.