Monday, August 29, 2011

Corot’s Representative Landscape Masterpiece----"Mengte Fontaine Memories"

This is a "Mengte Fontaine memories" is the most mature late Corot is one of the most representative landscape masterpiece. Mengte Fontaine is located north of Paris, near Senlis, Corot, who had set foot there, felt that a garden of beauty. This painting is the artist of this beautiful memories. Screen to start at the corner of the forest lake, early morning mist dispersed, forest and lake of fresh water constitutes a warm and humid air feel of nature. The right to screen a total of about three-fifths of giant trees, opposite a small dead tree with its echoes, to enhance the image of balance. Twigs tilt in one direction, it is harmonious and rhythmic. Two trees in the middle of the lake appeared calm as a mirror. Sunshine scattered among the leaves to the grass, awoke four blooming red flowers. The women wear a red dress and face toward the left side of the tree trees, raised his hands and looked up the grass picking mushrooms on a tree trunk. The whole picture, the three characters seem full of life. Although they all deal with the artist on one side, but density has caused. Corot painted landscapes, often painted on the trees in the foreground like soft reclining branches, to increase the screen's lyricism. If this picture in the left tree trees is also a case. Look at trees contorted posture, apparently due to the breeze blowing caused by long-term.

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