Friday, July 30, 2010

Torre decided to return home immediately after

Torre decided to return home immediately after, refused media interviews, by his wife, Ellie, took the statement: "The time is very happy to stay in New York, but all good things come to an end." Yankees general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman ) sorry to say: "No matter how the outside world Joe evaluation, he will always be a part of the Yankees!"

Torre, now 67, officially took over the Yankees in 1996 to arms, lose record 767 1173 wins, winning percentage of 6 percent 05,1996 arranged during the 2000 season, four trophy, Torre momentum to reach the peak, but since the post-2001 , the Yankees have not won the World Series champion.

Mattingly now bench coach with the Yankees (Don Mattingly) the highest possible successor to arms, while including the Cardinals coach La Lusha (Tony La Russa), the former Marlins coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), as well as on post Road Team supervision Valentine (Bobby Valentine) are the list of candidates pellets.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Major League Baseball American League Championship Series the third war

Major League Baseball American League Championship Series the third war, was held today moved to Cleveland, Indians starting pitcher Jerry West Brook relying on six and two-thirds loss of the two sub-bureau's outstanding performance, coupled with Second Board under the veteran Lofton's two-point bombs, and closing of four Indians on the Red Sox than two Lectra, their victory in seven games, the achieved two wins and one defeat lead.

The first two sides depicting a battle won in Boston, the key third war, returned to the Indians at home, the Indians rely on starting pitcher Wister Brook man guards the pass, pitched six and two-thirds Second Board gave up seven hits, only two points lost exit, so the Indians are to stay ahead of the audience.

Second, under the Indian Council launched the first attack, a marked out Houjiakean base, although the PEI Lota was struck, but the veteran Lofton wave a big stick, slamming the direction of two-RBI home run to right field, so that Indians second leading zero.

Monday, July 26, 2010

MLB playoffs tomorrow (13) on the 1st of two wars

Red Sox, Indians had seven games this season grips, Red Sox get advantage of 5 wins and 2 losses, both team batting average of 82 percent or 2 pitcher ERA 3.05, significantly better than the Indians are 23 and 4.43 to 2 percent , Manny Ramirez on the old club no mercy, regular season play against up to 4 percent against the rate of 17, take away three home runs and seven RBIs, rookie second baseman Peizhuo Ya (Dustin Pedroia) also play against against rate of up to 3 percent 70.

Regular season games along the way, arrays of "protect the law about" Shabaxiya, Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) has been the hope for the Indians, two each won 19 regular season wins, easily more than 152 km fastball In the first round has been played for the Yankees luxury line of tricks, Shabaxiya, Kameng Na confront the Red Sox a season, 1 win 1 loss record, just missing the main cast of 15 Board 1 min, Battle defense rate is only 0.60, Indians have been ranked set Shabaxiya, Kameng Na pitched battle before the two and clearly let the Red Sox better than sitting home advantage.

MLB playoffs tomorrow (13) on the 1st of two wars, 7:50 staged the first American League Championship Series Red Sox, Indians first battle, there are 10 National League Rockies, Diamondbacks series, the second war, brilliant war situation, please lock FTV, ESPN.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Both starting pitchers pitched innings not long

5 under the Red Sox sent Asian Capital Authority (Dustin Pedroia) hits on the base, the Angels pitcher walked Ortiz and Manny Ramirez Aisikeba continuous, lol (Mike Lowell) sacrifice fly to recover than the number into 3 : 3 tie.

Both starting pitchers pitched innings not long. Song [soil reaction] only cast a 4.2 Bureau, gave up seven hits and lost all 3 ERA, strikeouts are also sent three times to cast three walks. Aisikeba although only 2 points lost, but in the case of deliberately evade Ortiz led the ball a few too many, hit in the casting 5 Board 4 hits, 5 strikeouts cast and 5 walks in after the exit. But the Red Sox's bullpen withstood the pressure, took over the 4.1 Bureau does not hit in a no hits, and then win.

3 games will be staged on the 8th Taipei time angel arena, Angel will be two graders Weaver (Jered Weaver) checks on the Red Sox's veteran Schilling (Curt Schilling).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chien-Ming Wang from the Yankees vs. the game with 19 wins for the powerful lefty Shabaxiya

Wang led the New York Yankees, Major League Baseball in the United States today (MLB) American League playoffs, the Cleveland Indians played the first round of the road; results of the performance of the construction Tsai disorders, starting only four and two thirds of the Board , was pounded nine hits, including two homers, eight lost mad exit and closing the Yankees to three to 12 to defeat, so that Indians get a zero first-round lead.

Chien-Ming Wang from the Yankees vs. the game with 19 wins for the powerful lefty Shabaxiya, originally expected would be a fifty-fifty game, did not think of building collapse in advance, Aberdeen.

Chien-Ming Wang in a bureau in the second half gave up three hits on two walks with one breath opponents scored three points, three bureau has been under the direction of spring Cabrera belted a home run to right field, and then lost 1 min.

Of five under the war situation has greatly changed, Wang, Cabrera walked the first batter after the name, although well resolved Hafner, but it was Martinez blasted two-RBI home run to right field direction. Even though we overcome the emotional resolve Jiake Aberdeen, but the first to be hit doubles Pei Lota, it was Lofton knocked an RBI hit, but this time the Yankees coaching staff also will be built for Aberdeen end, replaced by Hughes relay.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Francis last came out of the Phillies home game

Twice on the previous quarter, the Phillies are off the hook of Francis, the performance of different person today, pitched six innings only gave up four hits and two points, and another two walks, eight strikeouts sent , including four strikeouts strong beat Atlee, Howard three.

Francis last came out of the Phillies home game, only played three and lost one third of the Board on the crazy eight, the last four to 12 defeat Los Angeles, take losing the war, Francis.

The two succeeding relief pitcher Francis Hawkins and Foentesi also was stable, the share of a Board made no missing points, the last trump Terminator Kepa Si perfect relief, save for the Los Angeles victory.

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Hammels Board only hit in six and two-thirds out three hits, four walks, seven strikeouts soared out, but three hits were all concentrated in two Jushang Ban, plus four walks in a three cast in this Bureau, Bureau of losing one-third, to his other near-perfect performance of five fell short of success, commitment to hard feelings on losing the war.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Then there are a series of very important games

"Then there are a series of very important games," loose "soil reaction," Daisuke said through a translator: "know the reality, I have to brace themselves, cast a good match, very lucky to enter the playoffs with a victory . "

Red Sox are playing online, relying on Roll (Mike Lowell) 2 RBIs, and "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) with three games at least three hits in the fire support, the victory.

Yankees in the 9th inning, the Orioles still 9:6 lead, but the Orioles outfielder Peyton (Jay Payton) when the bases loaded, hit the tying third base than the number of hits, the first 10 games into the extended Bureau , and then rely on Mora Orioles (Melvin Mora) timely make up the fatal bunt to win 10:9, making the Yankees since 1998, for the first time to hand over the Red Sox the AL East throne.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chamberlain should play the audience requested relief

Chamberlain should play the audience requested relief, and his performance did not let the fans down, 1.1 Board 3 strikeouts, won his career 1st relief wins, "22-year-old today, I tangerine & pitched," Chamberlain after the game said: "If the glove can figure out my future, this will be my best birthday gift of 22-year-old, and I will continue to effect for the Yankees, and got a lot tougher."

Chamberlain's biggest weapon is his fastball 100 miles and 92 miles slider, his sharp pitching Road, subject pellet reuse, "This is really a good opportunity for me to have the opportunity to pitch," Chamberlain said: "This is very good for us, when Rivera (Mariano Rivera) can not play, I can replace the stable situation of the war he helped the team."

Yankees in the last 17 games, won 14 games, losing the same day as the Red Sox, Yankees in the AL East top spot in the battle, the margin of victory shrink to 1.5 games, while the external card and the Tigers also opened to 5.5 field.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wang was in the 2007 Subway World War soared a career-high 10 strikeouts

Wang was in the 2007 Subway World War soared a career-high 10 strikeouts, was with his play against the pitcher is to have four World Series championship ring in the "Duke" Hernandez, now both of them to be good in the national team to become teammates, Hernandez said that Wang is very hard work will definitely get back the power of 19 wins that year.

In the national team's spring training base, in addition to Wang, there is a famous large pitcher, that is nicknamed "Duke," the veteran Hernandez (OrlandoHernandez), Hernandez defected from Cuba after joined the Yankees in 1999, the results for 3 consecutive years, the Yankees won the World Series champion White Sox in 2005, he won in the first four World Series championship ring.

Friday, July 9, 2010

This is the first time this season Rivera pitched two Bureau

Rivera, after all, just read the great storms of the pitcher, in such circumstances still buckled, let rivals have played the ball inside the field of opportunity, let knocked catcher Chris Young fly ball lay behind the killing was connected, let Adam LaRoche hit Fang Gaofei into third base on a ball out of the last "blind shot" Mark Reynolds was struck out, Rivera narrowly under the Code of Practice for the team victory.

This is the first time this season Rivera pitched two Bureau, and he spent 40 hard-ball pitcher to win his maiden season hand.

In fact, the Yankees have a chance in the 9 inning lead, Diamondbacks bullpen Aaron Heilman play even a vote two walks in, then hit Mark Teixeira While out, they escort the runners advancing to second, third base, while Alex Rodriguez sacrifice fly knocked to help the Yankees equalized than the number, but unfortunately failed to achieve merit follow-up hitter, the Yankees can only be labeled as only 5 to 5 tie.

Yankees starting pitcher Javier Vazquez was not as sharp over the past several start a game which was knocked out the main cast 5 6 Security Council dropped 4 points, and finally has nothing to do with victory or defeat, while the Diamondbacks starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis was even worse, in two further 1 / 3 innings out of the two points do not say, but also threw seven walks in, can not swallow the failure to vote is considered a very fortunate.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Bisaiaosi China has the sixth inning before the bid imposing directions

San Francisco Giants and Houston Astros game, today staged a two-ace duel! Giants two consecutive National League Cy Young Award winner Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum), twice the previous season this year, astronaut ace Oswald (Roy Oswalt) have won the Yankee, but in fact two Oswald bidders are not bad. In fact, his bid for the whole season is not bad: 14 starts, threw quality starts in 12 games. 5 wins, but won only 8 of defeat, because the team is not good.

This Bisaiaosi China has the sixth inning before the bid imposing directions, while his teammates are three Board in the second half attack was one of his points lead, but also the astronauts out of the audience can only 1 point. Oswald in the seventh while there were minor turbulence, lost 2 points, 2 points which is enough to defeat him swallow 9. Let him start 15 games this year, paying out 13 games with quality starts, but only a tragic record of 5 wins and 9 lost.

If not, lines are not strong enough to fight astronauts, then this will not only fall Linse Kang 1 minute (or non-ERA), because he ball and instability. In particular, starting from the second game, his fastball started flying, drove him to the ball and often need to use his trademark speed curve ball rob batters strike number or address. Although the critical moment he "made his pitches" to resolve the batter, but the astronauts are unable to play line is this to only 1 point out the reason.

119 used the most Houlinsekang ball (the ball well only with so many balls) pitched at eight innings, and won the season's first eight wins. Allowing him three times this season vs. Oswald, all scored the win.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Today the competition includes Jibo Cheng pitcher

Chen Junxiu while ago, also in a recession, the way to combat the rate fell from 3 to about 5 percent nearly 3 percent. Today he finally sweep away the haze, in 4 at bats in blow out two hits (batting .313), but also when a two out base hit, arranged all of the team today, 2 RBI.

Today the competition includes Jibo Cheng pitcher, pitched one game for the first time the Board lost three points, he finally rest again for 5 days after a race, the fan a Board can not lose points, let rivals hit two guerrilla roll way out.

Today as the pioneer left fielder of Lin Wang Wei, while 4 hit only hit a few hits (batting .201), but also elected to the 2 walks, and performing the 8th season stolen bases (3 times failure). 4 Council on his election to send the base, opening the team's offensive single Board 5.

Friday, July 2, 2010

As the AZL Cubs second baseman for a stick product Jie Chen

As the AZL Cubs second baseman for a stick product Jie Chen, 4 times in his career hit a race Shiyou two hits, three number two hits to beat rates to 3 percent against 33 for 2 games have double safety performance. Chen Ping-Jie Pan Zhifang Taiwan institute's students, it is as a bar AZL Athletics shortstop, four at bats with a base hit, the current rate of 2 percent against 63.

In addition to other Indian 1A Taiwan's Chen Junxiu batter hit number 1 hits and 4, the Clansmen and Villager, Luo Guohui, Lin Wang Wei, Chan Ka-kui no performance.

Effect on the Reds rookie league Billings Mustangs in the left-cast sub-Kai Chiu, Board of 1 out of 5 2 to 1 lead when the teams play back-up, able to prevent opponents of the counter, another in 2 2 / 3 innings was knocked 2 hits scoreless, no walks, 1 strikeout, not only won the season's first victory, a race 2 5 1 / 3 innings of ERA is a perfect 0.

Pulaski Mariners (sailors 1A) of the starting pitcher Nolan Diaz dissatisfaction Bureau lost 7 points 4 exit and his replacement, ZHANG Yao-wen they voted 3 1 / 3 innings, while being pounded five hits, but only lost 1 point, cast 8K , no walks, his ERA dropped to 8.53.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In addition to Burnett outside the Yankees starting pitcher

Return for Eiland, ace pitcher CC Sabathia made his views: "When your pitching motion aliasing when, Dave can always be reminded short keywords, so you throwing back on track. He is not only good at finding problems, is also a good communicator, which for many coaches is very difficult to achieve. he could be back, that is great thing. "

In addition to Burnett outside the Yankees starting pitcher, quite outstanding performance this season, Sabathia (9 wins), Phil Hughes (10 wins), Andy Pettitte (9 wins) have at least the contribution of more than 9 wins to become the first since 1998 support the first 73 games with three more than nine wins pitcher's team, then this achievement is the Atlanta Braves (Tom Glavine 9 wins, John Smoltz, Kevin Millwood won all 10). The Yankees pitching staff with so fierce last performance was in 1976, has been a matter (Dock Ellis, Ed Figueroa with 9 wins, Catfish Hunter 10 wins).