Friday, July 30, 2010

Torre decided to return home immediately after

Torre decided to return home immediately after, refused media interviews, by his wife, Ellie, took the statement: "The time is very happy to stay in New York, but all good things come to an end." Yankees general manager Cashman (Brian Cashman ) sorry to say: "No matter how the outside world Joe evaluation, he will always be a part of the Yankees!"

Torre, now 67, officially took over the Yankees in 1996 to arms, lose record 767 1173 wins, winning percentage of 6 percent 05,1996 arranged during the 2000 season, four trophy, Torre momentum to reach the peak, but since the post-2001 , the Yankees have not won the World Series champion.

Mattingly now bench coach with the Yankees (Don Mattingly) the highest possible successor to arms, while including the Cardinals coach La Lusha (Tony La Russa), the former Marlins coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), as well as on post Road Team supervision Valentine (Bobby Valentine) are the list of candidates pellets.

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