Monday, July 5, 2010

Today the competition includes Jibo Cheng pitcher

Chen Junxiu while ago, also in a recession, the way to combat the rate fell from 3 to about 5 percent nearly 3 percent. Today he finally sweep away the haze, in 4 at bats in blow out two hits (batting .313), but also when a two out base hit, arranged all of the team today, 2 RBI.

Today the competition includes Jibo Cheng pitcher, pitched one game for the first time the Board lost three points, he finally rest again for 5 days after a race, the fan a Board can not lose points, let rivals hit two guerrilla roll way out.

Today as the pioneer left fielder of Lin Wang Wei, while 4 hit only hit a few hits (batting .201), but also elected to the 2 walks, and performing the 8th season stolen bases (3 times failure). 4 Council on his election to send the base, opening the team's offensive single Board 5.

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