Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chamberlain should play the audience requested relief

Chamberlain should play the audience requested relief, and his performance did not let the fans down, 1.1 Board 3 strikeouts, won his career 1st relief wins, "22-year-old today, I tangerine & pitched," Chamberlain after the game said: "If the glove can figure out my future, this will be my best birthday gift of 22-year-old, and I will continue to effect for the Yankees, and got a lot tougher."

Chamberlain's biggest weapon is his fastball 100 miles and 92 miles slider, his sharp pitching Road, subject pellet reuse, "This is really a good opportunity for me to have the opportunity to pitch," Chamberlain said: "This is very good for us, when Rivera (Mariano Rivera) can not play, I can replace the stable situation of the war he helped the team."

Yankees in the last 17 games, won 14 games, losing the same day as the Red Sox, Yankees in the AL East top spot in the battle, the margin of victory shrink to 1.5 games, while the external card and the Tigers also opened to 5.5 field.

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