Friday, July 9, 2010

This is the first time this season Rivera pitched two Bureau

Rivera, after all, just read the great storms of the pitcher, in such circumstances still buckled, let rivals have played the ball inside the field of opportunity, let knocked catcher Chris Young fly ball lay behind the killing was connected, let Adam LaRoche hit Fang Gaofei into third base on a ball out of the last "blind shot" Mark Reynolds was struck out, Rivera narrowly under the Code of Practice for the team victory.

This is the first time this season Rivera pitched two Bureau, and he spent 40 hard-ball pitcher to win his maiden season hand.

In fact, the Yankees have a chance in the 9 inning lead, Diamondbacks bullpen Aaron Heilman play even a vote two walks in, then hit Mark Teixeira While out, they escort the runners advancing to second, third base, while Alex Rodriguez sacrifice fly knocked to help the Yankees equalized than the number, but unfortunately failed to achieve merit follow-up hitter, the Yankees can only be labeled as only 5 to 5 tie.

Yankees starting pitcher Javier Vazquez was not as sharp over the past several start a game which was knocked out the main cast 5 6 Security Council dropped 4 points, and finally has nothing to do with victory or defeat, while the Diamondbacks starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis was even worse, in two further 1 / 3 innings out of the two points do not say, but also threw seven walks in, can not swallow the failure to vote is considered a very fortunate.

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