Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Francis last came out of the Phillies home game

Twice on the previous quarter, the Phillies are off the hook of Francis, the performance of different person today, pitched six innings only gave up four hits and two points, and another two walks, eight strikeouts sent , including four strikeouts strong beat Atlee, Howard three.

Francis last came out of the Phillies home game, only played three and lost one third of the Board on the crazy eight, the last four to 12 defeat Los Angeles, take losing the war, Francis.

The two succeeding relief pitcher Francis Hawkins and Foentesi also was stable, the share of a Board made no missing points, the last trump Terminator Kepa Si perfect relief, save for the Los Angeles victory.

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Hammels Board only hit in six and two-thirds out three hits, four walks, seven strikeouts soared out, but three hits were all concentrated in two Jushang Ban, plus four walks in a three cast in this Bureau, Bureau of losing one-third, to his other near-perfect performance of five fell short of success, commitment to hard feelings on losing the war.

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