Friday, July 2, 2010

As the AZL Cubs second baseman for a stick product Jie Chen

As the AZL Cubs second baseman for a stick product Jie Chen, 4 times in his career hit a race Shiyou two hits, three number two hits to beat rates to 3 percent against 33 for 2 games have double safety performance. Chen Ping-Jie Pan Zhifang Taiwan institute's students, it is as a bar AZL Athletics shortstop, four at bats with a base hit, the current rate of 2 percent against 63.

In addition to other Indian 1A Taiwan's Chen Junxiu batter hit number 1 hits and 4, the Clansmen and Villager, Luo Guohui, Lin Wang Wei, Chan Ka-kui no performance.

Effect on the Reds rookie league Billings Mustangs in the left-cast sub-Kai Chiu, Board of 1 out of 5 2 to 1 lead when the teams play back-up, able to prevent opponents of the counter, another in 2 2 / 3 innings was knocked 2 hits scoreless, no walks, 1 strikeout, not only won the season's first victory, a race 2 5 1 / 3 innings of ERA is a perfect 0.

Pulaski Mariners (sailors 1A) of the starting pitcher Nolan Diaz dissatisfaction Bureau lost 7 points 4 exit and his replacement, ZHANG Yao-wen they voted 3 1 / 3 innings, while being pounded five hits, but only lost 1 point, cast 8K , no walks, his ERA dropped to 8.53.

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