Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Bisaiaosi China has the sixth inning before the bid imposing directions

San Francisco Giants and Houston Astros game, today staged a two-ace duel! Giants two consecutive National League Cy Young Award winner Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum), twice the previous season this year, astronaut ace Oswald (Roy Oswalt) have won the Yankee, but in fact two Oswald bidders are not bad. In fact, his bid for the whole season is not bad: 14 starts, threw quality starts in 12 games. 5 wins, but won only 8 of defeat, because the team is not good.

This Bisaiaosi China has the sixth inning before the bid imposing directions, while his teammates are three Board in the second half attack was one of his points lead, but also the astronauts out of the audience can only 1 point. Oswald in the seventh while there were minor turbulence, lost 2 points, 2 points which is enough to defeat him swallow 9. Let him start 15 games this year, paying out 13 games with quality starts, but only a tragic record of 5 wins and 9 lost.

If not, lines are not strong enough to fight astronauts, then this will not only fall Linse Kang 1 minute (or non-ERA), because he ball and instability. In particular, starting from the second game, his fastball started flying, drove him to the ball and often need to use his trademark speed curve ball rob batters strike number or address. Although the critical moment he "made his pitches" to resolve the batter, but the astronauts are unable to play line is this to only 1 point out the reason.

119 used the most Houlinsekang ball (the ball well only with so many balls) pitched at eight innings, and won the season's first eight wins. Allowing him three times this season vs. Oswald, all scored the win.

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