Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who is the ball with one-third of the Lakers dead

Heat to 114 compared with 111 victory over the Lakers, the Heat's game Quentin - Richardson hit 7 three-pointers scored 25 points and five rebounds, he joined hands with Wade as the team has won a Field tough victory.

When the fourth quarter 42 seconds left in game, when Kobe Bryant has once again demonstrated his magic touch, facing the ball dropped into the eyes of all the basket and the Lakers than the score again, the Heat once again pushed to the impasse edge - the last Juesha still fresh in our memory, really be that today they will once again fell to the hands of Kobe Bryant do?

Wade dribbled quickly advanced to the former field, shaking, change direction, acceleration, Wade will be rivals to attract the attention of all his body, and then he chose to pass, yes, the Heat's boss believes his teammates have chosen , and let him so willing to give up a person is cast in Quentin - Richardson, this season, averaging just 8.1 points last-minute guy became the team's hope.

Too late to adjust the ball, defensive players have rushed over, large Q ball quickly voted out, all eyes are on the move with the basketball arc until it is lake-like water dripping into the basket, the Heat on the bench a boil, while the Lakers players face filled with disappointment.

In fact, this is not a Juesha ball, although his shooting for the Heat regained the lead situation, but Bryant was then hit a ball to play a critical care into overtime - but the ball definitely not the meaning of Asia at the time Juesha, think about it, without this one-third of the ball, maybe Kobe Bryant has been in the regular time to resolve the Heat, the two sides will not have that extra time, Wade had no chance of tasting the joy of the final.

Today, the team won the big Q is undoubtedly a key figure, not only because he was cast in the fourth quarter of that one-third of the ball, in fact, competition in the first three quarters of his outstanding performance in the surprising: Section When the Lakers twice in the middle attack will succeed beyond the score when the third ball of his poor will be narrowed to 1 point; third quarter, he scored 11 points single-Wade to his three passes he would not waste, whenever the Lakers short-lived attempt to pull the score, when the outbreak of large Q can be disappointed with his shooting Ling Duishou.

11 voted seven three-pointers, this is Quentin - Richardson played this season, best game, in the January 3 contest with the Bobcats, he had voted six outside 12, but unfortunately the team eventually lost to rivals, today to face old foes the Lakers in the face unparalleled brave excellent condition - Kobe Bryant, big Q broke out a more astonishing energy, he scored a team-high 25 points the second , and this time he has, together with the team finally had the last laugh.

Kobe Bryant, Dwyane - Wade, when we put attention on the two men who, when Quentin - Richardson has become the scene of the looting that most of the supporting roles - 30 years old, three consecutive scoring average has never been more than 11 points in February this year, the last four games without a score to 10 players, but today the fiercest thrown an exception of 7 three-pointers, the Lakers dead Ke Sang Sang, which will undoubtedly become the most of his career, one worth remembering the game.

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