Sunday, February 28, 2010

Microsoft, the U.S. Justice Department lawyers have acknowledged complaints from Google

Microsoft, a lawyer confirmed that Microsoft has had complaints from the U.S. Department of Justice and the European Commission that Google's business practices could harm publishers, advertisers interest will also affect the search and online advertising market.

Microsoft deputy general counsel and vice president Dave Heiner wrote in a blog, as the government agencies on the recently adopted an agreement with Yahoo's search discussions, Microsoft officials explained how the Google search advertising business of their own.

"As you might expect, the competition officials to put a lot of us to compete with Google, because this was the focus of partnership with Yahoo." Heiner said. "We have told some of what we know about Google's practices. Which is much need to explain the search advertising business. But which will necessarily involve the practice of Google, and some may harm the interests of publishers and advertisers, affecting search and Internet advertising market in the competition.

Microsoft and Yahoo since last July to reach an agreement will be, and Yahoo together to fight Google, competing search market share. Microsoft and Yahoo together in the U.S. search market share is only 28.3%, while Google's market share has reached 65.4%.

In a classic meeting, Hainer said that the creation of Google in the search field of the network effect, similar to Microsoft's dominance of computer operating systems, making it must be even and Yahoo join forces, it is difficult to win from the Valley singers search market share.

"Google's algorithm is a common reason for non-word search better than others, because more people Google search on those words. As a result, along with other network effect, making the other search engine is difficult to go beyond Google. Microsoft will be the popular search engine being accepted this challenge. for the search volume is less dependent on a number of innovative areas. but it must be also need to get search volume in order to increase the search words are not common the relevance of the results. "

Heiner said Microsoft is also concerned about Google's business practices would "lock publishers and advertisers," makes it harder to get search volume.

Heiner issued in the post few days ago, the product search engine Foundem (funded by Microsoft's Internet organizations) and Microsoft's products shopping site Ciao and French legal search engine EU Commission has also had complaints, Google will be its Search Results demotion, a series of issues. The European Commission confirmed that it is on these complaints, investigation of complaints, but the investigation was informal.

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