Monday, February 8, 2010

E-book market will usher in change

"We want to give a good beginning in 2010, today will release an incredible, revolutionary new products." This is a conference two weeks ago, Steve Jobs on Apple's opening remarks. iPad tablet PCs this dormant for several years, the final appearance of products.

Steve Jobs even changed the usual, with "Tablet PC is the most important product in my life" to describe the importance of iPad for him. iPad is compatible with all of Apple's online software store 140,000 applications, and fully support the iPod music, video, pictures, e-mail and other functions, even in the games, the world's largest PC game makers EA specially developed based on the iPad Need for Speed, baseball and other games. But most readers concerns of the industry is the release of iBooks platform with Steve Jobs. Industry analysis, iPad fueled the already hot again in the electronic reader market, iBooks will not only provide e-reading function, aimed at changing the public to read way, to attract readers to buy online, online reading books.

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