Sunday, February 21, 2010

Network communication services into a complaint hot spots

Network and communication services to become a hot consumer complaints, shopping promotions, food catering, and tourism festival to be a sharp reduction in consumer complaints. Reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Council has just spent seven days of the Lunar New Year holiday period, the Council received a total of 30 consumer complaints, consumer advice telephone answering register 297.

City Council staff yesterday morning that the Chinese New Year holiday period of 7 days, "12315" consumer complaint hotline for reporting a total of answering consumer inquiries telephone 297 registered with the Chinese New Year in 2009 compared to 21.2% decrease; receiving consumer 30 cases of complaints over the previous year increased by 172%. Reflect the mall promotions to consumers, food catering, tourism and other festival in the past to be less consumption of hot issues, related consulting phone just received 4. This is mainly due in February this year, since the market supervision department stores, supermarkets, markets, food production and catering services, and other key sites and urban-rural, tourist attractions, railway stations and other key regional port launched a series of special inspection, effectively safeguarding the market order during the Spring Festival, and food safety.

According to City Council explained that the substantial increase in volume of complaints, mainly because the network, communication services, the Consumer complaints have become hot, the Urban Council has received complaints related to 20 cases, accounting for 66.7% of the total complaints received.

One on the "Tencent" network service complaints in 11 cases, accounting for 36.7% of the total received, consumers mainly reflecting the "underground city of warriors" and other games account has been closed, password theft, QQ account is lost can not be recovered, the game props theft and other problems; on China's mobile communication services in six of complaints, accounting for 20% of the total received, consumers reflects the problem involves Monternet, lobbyists SMS chargeback and back cards, Internet services and so on; on China's 3 cases of complaints of telecommunications services, accounting for 10% of the total received, consumers mainly reflecting the shutdown and can not be unreasonably withheld fees down and so on. In addition, some advice telephone service problems are also related to the network, consumers can not be mainly a reflection of the normal Internet access, air tickets or hotel set through the network when problems.

During the Spring Festival, a STAR on the "high-GOSPELL" mobile phone advertising has attracted some consumers. Advertising claims, 3G services, mobile phones, can be multi-party call, the Spring Festival gift to purchase large Li Bao, the domestic dial 1.5 yuan / minute, 600 Hua Fei, and so presented. Consumers get the goods found in the so-called 600 Huafei actually only 100, many are unable to dial calls. Statistics show that TV shopping advice for consumers complaints during the Spring Festival, a new hot spot. City Council then heard a total of 11 consumer-related telephone advice, including: advertising and in-kind does not match, festival offer, merchandise quality issues occur or the existence of defects such as appearance. The Association said that the TV shopping consumer complaints consultation, consumers generally can not provide the necessary evidence such as consumer certificate information, or vendor in a strange land and rights protection more difficult, consumers should choose carefully.

In addition, mobile phones and merchandise "three guarantees" the provisions of consumer complaints, consultation is still hot. Statistics show that the consultation related to mobile phones there are 37, mainly related to product quality, Returns, and after-sales maintenance and so on; related commodities "three guarantees" under 13, consumer's principal advisory commodities "three guarantees" scope, conditions and duration, etc. aspects of laws and regulations.

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