Sunday, February 7, 2010

The challenges facing the price of Google phone

Google plans to compete with Nexus One with the iPhone, but several mobile phone manufacturers and carriers are oriole in the post, one after another planned in the European market a cheaper version of the Nexus One.

And even Vodafone, Google entered into with the signing of Nexus One network operator agreement, also plans to launch its Web site and shop in the cheaper version.

Nexus One of Taiwan's OEM handset makers HTC also launched new products to compete with Google mobile phone. The phone, code-named Bravo also based on the Google Android platform, Nexus One configured as large color touch screen and the 5 million pixel camera, also will be equipped with a microprocessor faster than the iPhone. The source said, Bravo priced lower than the Nexus One to one hundred U.S. dollars. Compared with Nexus One, manufacturers and operators in the Bravo sales methods have more autonomy.

Nexus One in the U.S. market faces the same predicament, Google repeatedly criticized the disappointing after-sales service. Google, handset makers HTC and carrier T-Mobile have not been established Nexus One after-sales service department, so customers experience the problem only through e-mail to Google to reflect, but must wait up to several days to receive a response.

Because Google insisted that only through the network marketing Nexus mobile phones, and therefore sales have been poor, release month, just sold in the United States since the 80000 mobile phones. By contrast, iPhone sales in the first month after the listing of 60 million units, Motorola's mobile phone market in the first month Droid is sell more than 50 million units.

In any case, Nexus One is considered to be able to compete with the iPhone handset. The Bravo next week in Barcelona, Spain, the 2010 Mobile World Congress appearance similarity with the Nexus cell phones will cause for concern.

Operators through its own stores and websites selling Bravo, without Google, "one-stop mobile phone shop" constraints. British operators O2 and Vodafone have expressed interest in Bravo right, T-Mobile and the French operator Orange also expressed its concern will be.

Nexus One last month, in the United States, next month will enter the British market. United Kingdom customers can purchase Nexus bare metal, you can also select Vodafone signed a long-term service agreement, so that you can phone free of charge. Service Agreement prices are expected the same with the iPhone. Vodafone last month for sale in the UK iPhone. Bravo may be a few weeks later the same in the UK.

According to the agreement with Google, Vodafone mobile phone orders only on the Nexus requests for processing. Google continues to direct sales through its own Web site Nexus One. Vodafone is to become Google's wireless partners in the United Kingdom, phone orders must be a clear distinction between orders and operation of the network.

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