Thursday, February 25, 2010

The EU may launch an antitrust investigation Google

The EU spokeswoman Amelia Yatuolisi 24, confirmed that the European Union anti-monopoly office has received three online companies like Google's complaint. "We are reviewing these allegations, the time being there is no formal antitrust investigation."

According to the EU anti-trust provisions, if a company is accused of acts of EU member states the implementation of market monopoly, and if found guilty after investigation, the European Union have the right to impose up to the company's total revenue accounted for 10% of the fines. Currently, Microsoft and Intel have been subjected to the European Union for its huge antitrust penalties. According to British "Financial Times" estimates, Google search advertising industry in Europe, the share of up to 90%, even higher than that in the United States market share. Most analysts believe that Google's share in the United States is 80%.

Google denied the conduct in violation of European Union antitrust laws, but "very happy to provide further information about the allegations." Google is responsible for Europe, Middle East and African Affairs issued a high-level competition consultant Julia Holtz Bo-wen, said: "Once you become a large company, they will inevitably encounter such a review. But we can confidently say that our operations are consistent with the European Union competition law, also in line with the interests of customers and partners. "

The EU in the end did not specify which three companies made allegations against Google. But according to Google disclosed that three companies are: the UK price comparison service website foundem, French legal search engine ejustice. fr, and Microsoft recently acquired an online service provider ciao. Which, foundem and ejustice. fr sue Google "unfairly reduced their ranks its search results"; and ciao is to sue Google "artificially push up advertising prices."

Price on advertising, Google has insisted that the decision by the auction company to be no direct influence. However, experts point out that although the final price advertising by the auction decision, but the starting bid is the reserve price determined by Google. This shows that Google has control over the ability of the advertised price. With regard to ranking problems, Holtz said: "We understand how important rankings for the site. In particular, commercial websites, the higher ranking typically attract more traffic. But it is a computer science problem to solve very difficult. "

Some media here that Google since its inception although it encountered anti-monopoly investigation, but accepted by government departments, is the first time in person. The EU will decide whether a formal investigation, the growing expansion in the world, Google is, is worthy of attention once the alarm.

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