Saturday, February 20, 2010

Microsoft is testing a new version next week, choose to open the browser interface, random order

After a long decision, Microsoft offered to accept the opponent's Opera browser ballotscreen program, which in mid-December last year, won the European Union's endorsement. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that from next week will be for Europe, WindowsXP, Vista, and open beta testing Windows7 user choice in a new browser interface.

From next week, Microsoft will be the United Kingdom, Belgium and France, three countries and regions, provide system upgrade patch, wish to participate in the browser interface for test selection WindowsUpdate Download Center users can access the patch. Install a patch, use IE as default browser for WindowsXP, Vista, and Windows7 users will see a prompt window describes the browser interface for program selection.

Each time a user opens a browser interface to see the browser a different sort, the top five browser windows will randomly sorted. In addition, using the scroll bar to browse the first 6 to 12 the location of the browser will be used randomly arranged .

Microsoft said the program will be March 1 at the European full extension.

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