Thursday, February 18, 2010

A court hearing held in the case of Google Books, will soon be ruling

Federal Judge Denny Chin on Thursday (February 18) in New York held a much-awaited Google Book case hearing. This hearing would show that this case does not make a decision soon.

Judge Chin said it would immediately make a speech. However, the decision not do. He stressed that all parties concerned in this case provide a written report. He said, I will carefully listen to their views and is prepared to ask some questions.

Chin hearing, the judge did in the morning to do so. For example, he interrupted a lawyer to testify for Microsoft's speech and asked rival Sony agree with this proposed settlement, but why Microsoft did not agree.

So far, testimony of other organizations and enterprises, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Amazon, the National Association for the Blind and the Center for Democracy and Technology.

The case of the proposed settlement dispute is between Google and the U.S. signed between writers and publishers, allowing Google part of the show has been out of print, but copyrighted books part of the content and permission from the publisher and Google Books program is not restricted by copyright books .

The settlement agreement will allow Google to become the United States authorized the production of digital print books still under copyright, but the only organization. This agreement makes many writers and privacy of their supporters down.

However, the potential in the competition against Google to acquire such a unique right. Their joint action status has been approved. These authors without permission for Google to scan their books dissatisfied. Privacy advocates worry that companies monitor what people read books. U.S. Department of Justice on two occasions on this settlement agreement as "anti-monopoly" worried.

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