Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brown, veteran quarterback to accept two-year contract

Jack - Deerhuomu in the NFL have a new home at the same time, the Cleveland Browns have another new quarterback.

Deerhuomu, Carolina Panthers cancellation last week, Brown's teams agreed to a two-year contract terms. Brown's team since the club 11 years ago as an expansion team back in the league since the quarterback position has been without a stable player. Deerhuomu's agent, Rick - Smith said that this 35-year-old quarterback will be in the club's off-season period of adjustment before the start and the team signed. Smith declined to comment, saying only that Deerhuomu will be in Cleveland to resume his career. A team spokesman said Brown's team has not issued a circular plan.

Cleveland Browns have been busy to solve this difficult position. Earlier this week, Brown signed a reserve team quarterback Seneca - Wallace, and, and was selected all-star lineup of quarterback Derek - Anderson termination, Anderson in the past two seasons performance does not good, has been struggling. Deerhuomu expected, and Brady - Quinn competitive position of the team's starting quarterback, Quinn has not been the club's new decision-makers recognized.

Deerhuomu Thursday, when Brown visited the team and the team but did not reach an agreement, he had planned with his hometown team the New Orleans Saints to meet, but the team worked out the contract and Brown after the rules for cancellation of this trips.

Deerhuomu last season was the worst performance since become a professional player of a season, he has 18 passes were steals, Panthers, and his team decided to cancellation despite the team still owes him more than 1200 U.S. dollars salary. Deerhuomu effect in the Carolina starting the team's record during the 58 wins 40 losses, and led the team in 2003 season, the first and only time so far into the Super Bowl, although in the final race by 29 over 32 loss to the New England Patriots.

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