Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rams had a first-round picks

Rams had a first-round picks, Raiders No. 8, Bill No. 9 team in the second round, Rams are the first 33 picks, Raiders, No. 39, Bill Team 41. Philadelphia will send Macnab on the other side of the 33 St. Louis, trading draft picks plus security Wei Oshiomoghe Atogwe of the Rams more than rumors have been rejected by officials in a firm, including the coach, Steve - Spano Ancient Luo.

If the Philadelphia side has decided to deal Raiders is now considered a leader in the pursuit of McNabb. If the other party to present more favorable to other draft picks plus / or players, but also may Hawks would accept a 42 outside the picks. McNabb is worth to the transaction, because he is entering a contract last season, but Kolb is considered the team's future quarterback. 33-year-old McNabb has led Philadelphia in 11 seasons in the NFC reached the finals five times, once won the NFC championship. McNabb last year, had a great season, but the team lost a row in Dallas the last two games. Cowboys first loss to the Hawks lost the game so that NFC East title and thus miss the opportunity of direct access to the playoffs. In the second match in the playoffs again, losing the wild card race cowboy.

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