Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Okuma sailors become the new owner

Rock Okuma sailors become the new owner, might be a good choice, because this team collaboration with the Japanese player experience, in addition to masters star Ichiro Suzuki, the last city of the island have also recruited and Kazuhiro Sasaki, Kenji and other players, So rock Okuma to Seattle, should be faster than elsewhere adapt to the new environment.

Rakuten Golden Eagle Rock Okuma is the ace pitcher, aged 29, he boarded the Japanese professional baseball in 2001 the stage, handed down 10 years, won 101 lost 62, 3.32 ERA report card, this year is 10 wins and cast 9 defeated, 2.82 ERA performance.

2008 is the rock Okuma career peak, with 21 wins 4 lost, 1.87 ERA results won the pitcher's highest honor Sawamura Award, and rock Okuma in 2009 the second World Baseball Classic to help the Japanese team to win, then throw good after the performance began to be outside attention.

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