Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pettitte rolling in 16 major league seasons

Pettitte rolling in 16 major league seasons, in addition to 3-year validity for astronauts, other time is as the Yankees pitcher, so if you want to make the last quarter, it should still choose the Yankees, "in Houston 3 years is great, and this is no doubt, but this time in his career, in addition to New York than to have no other choice, I just feel like I was there for so many years, and many people experienced a lot of things together . "

Make old-fashioned key into a long examination of family factors is, "My children grew up, one of which is about high school, and I do not want to miss his entire school life. I want to see him grow, but if you play in the big leagues, can not see the whole picture. "

Although 38 years old, but Pettitte's performance this year is still very interesting season, though only a race because of injury 21 games, 11 wins, 3 was able to pay out of defeat, 3.28 ERA good results, it seems that the years did not allow his strength How much backward.

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