Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tsao returned to participate in the Asian Championships last year

Royals record 69 wins last year, lost 93, the AP only Bi Tanpa Bay Devil Rays (66 wins 96 lost) is good, only better than the National League Pittsburgh Pirates team (68 wins 94 lost) You, the Royal team in the hands prepare for the big Hilton transformation, enhancement of combat power bullpen especially.

Tsushima last year worked at the Warriors and Rangers, the Braves 30 games out of race to vote 28 Council, won a victory with 2.25 ERA, season to Rangers, 28 games in a race to vote under the 39 Board, Adds 2 wins and 2.77 ERA, while Tau Tianan Yan Classic national team in Japan, due to functional relay in the Japanese professional baseball career record 44 won 59 lost 9 of the successful rescue, an average of 4.03 ERA, is a gifted and experienced The relief pitcher.

The hui career in the big leagues in 50 games, fighting continued 4 wins 4 lost 5.40, ball quality good fast ball and curve ball, the official website report also noted that Tsao and Wang, Kuo, Chen Chin-feng, Clansmen and Villager, is Taiwan's only Some five Major League players, is a Taiwanese.

Tsao returned to participate in the Asian Championships last year, he stressed that his shoulder injury has long without problems, as long as the medicine brought from Taiwan, the official inspection by the major league without doping elements that should be able to take (with smooth muscle relaxation and blood effect), as long as traditional Chinese medicine, he had confidence that we can complete it after the season.

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