Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yabuda the contract with the Royal in 2010 due

Major League Baseball MLB Kansas City Royals announced today that Japan Professional Baseball, now 30-year-old right-Road Team and the Royal pitcher Tau Tianan Yan has signed a contract for two years six million U.S. dollars. Yabuda last year's inaugural World Baseball Classic is one of Japan to win the hero.

Yabuda years of life are the effectiveness of the Pacific Union Road team, in recent years as the main relay, the cumulative record is 44 wins 59 lost 9 rescue, defense rate of 4.03. He surrendered four wins this year, six failures, defense rate of 2.7 III transcripts, and has four save.

Yabuda the contract with the Royal in 2010 due, then the team has a contract or a buyout option.

Royal Moore, general manager, said: "Yabuda the past few years has been one of Japan's best relief pitcher, he will become an important morale and stability to help cow veteran."

March of last year's Baseball World Classic, a race four Yabuda cast five strikeouts and was knocked a spring home run, ERA 2.08.

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