Thursday, August 19, 2010

Red Sox and the Athletics on March 25 game finished

According to the schedule released today, Major League Baseball in 2008 the new season will be March 25 by the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics first to kick off in Tokyo. This is the third held in the Japanese major league opener.

Red Sox and the Athletics on March 25 game finished, the next day to fly back to the United States battles. This is the first major league season and the war days.

Major League opening match held in Japan twice, first in the year two thousand, by the New York Mets played the Chicago Cubs, followed in 2004 New York Yankees played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

March 30 opening of the new Washington Nationals team completed its first national team Park Stadium, against the Atlanta Braves.

April 14, all teams will celebrate before the game, "Giacchi Robinson Day" to commemorate the 61 years ago, Dawn's first black major league player.

Seventy-ninth-Star Game will be July 15 at the Yankees at home.

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