Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Phillies had only one hit

The Phillies had only one hit, but by 2 walks, stolen bases, 2 fielding errors Warriors have two points ahead of revenue rather than number, so Hamels cast up even more worry-free.

In September of Hamels available invincible described, 4 starts, 28 2 / 3 hit in the 18 Bureau of hits lost 2 points during Hurricane 31K, 0.63 ERA rate.

But Hamels even recently invested in five games starting at least 7 of Council, and the loss of points per game in 1 minute or less, as the history of Philadelphia's first since 1920 4, the first 3 people are Jim Bunning (1967) , Steve Carlton (1972), Dick Ruthven (1982). The Hamels again Carlton where par is, his 5 games all start off Yankee, The Great Hall of Fame predecessors, is a more formidable with 6 wins.

Phillies 8 game winning streak, the National League East-leading gap had widened to four games, while only 11 regular season games, but the Warriors run, good news is that there are five games with the Phillies cut-throat battle, battle on behalf of the Eastern King still have to see.

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