Wednesday, September 1, 2010

McCarthy led the Chinese team to visit every corner of the stadium

McCarthy led the Chinese team to visit every corner of the stadium, while inviting the Chinese teenager at the "cow" training investment.

As the quarantine, the Chinese teenager to pick up the sand court in Williamsport can not be brought back to Taiwan. They obtain the consent of the national team, will sand down in the national team stadium, a symbol of teenager are woven into the Little League Baseball from Major League dreams.

Visit the stadium, the Chinese teenager who both stated that the stadium is beautiful, "most of the golf course than in Taiwan."

China head coach Ho Tong Yu uses a "fantastic" to describe the Nationals stadium. He said that Taiwan has such a court one day, one day Taiwan is world-class country.

Li Suzhen said that while the human visit to the spectacular national team stadium, on the future of those interested in the development of the Chinese baseball team, a very big incentive.

After the visit, the Chinese players rushed into the souvenir shop in a large purchase, even if the players do not buy, but also in Wang's jersey number 40 before the camera pictures.

This afternoon, the Chinese Taipei team was also invited to visit Washington alto Gibbons (St. Albans) primary school baseball camp, and with the summer camp participants in a friendly. Drainage in the Chinese team courtesy, the two teams tied, happy.

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