Monday, September 27, 2010

In-game losing streak of the Yankees

At the same time the media more to New York Yankees NBA game analogy to describe them in Section 3 are doing well before the holiday, and can be ahead of the competition, but to the last section is exhausted strength, the birds, the birds ending. But Girardi for the media's "allegations" shouted wronged, he said that all the management are, as always, but the injured player is injured, tired everywhere, can not be said of the recent defeat to deny the rest were not.

In-game losing streak of the Yankees, the playoffs remain stationary magic number. Close behind in the face of the Boston Red Sox, Girardi before the game even with the temporary replacement will be announced tactics to Hughes (Phil Hughes) to replace Mosley (Dustin Moseley) in the base socks War Game 3 starter, he said: "We are desperately trying to win, and win the division title, snatching back home advantage. but I just make a decision based on information, no other meaning."

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