Friday, October 8, 2010

The huge investment in the Rangers Cliff Lee

The huge investment in the Rangers Cliff Lee (Cliff Lee) relentless whirlwind K "repair" the light, the game which can also be sent Wilson try to "take care" opponents, the main cast was beaten only 6.1 Board 2 hits, and then send another 7 strikeouts, and light can not be from the same relay, back-Oudai Yi (Darren O'Day) and Oliver hits and struck the hands of more children eat 3K, the Rangers were shutout wins 6 to 0, 2 game winning streak. The two teams are starting the next war light Fagu Sa (Matt Garza) and Rangers Lewis (Colby Lewis).

In the nearly full-field in front of 35,535 spectators belted fatal gun Yonge 3, said: "Yesterday, the battle in winning a great impact on the players. And we did not think too much today, then tomorrow, regardless of the other What pitcher did not push the relationship because we only want to win promotion. "Washington coach (Ron Washington), said:" Glenealy 2 wins this sense is too great, but our goal is not in this, but to go down After the cut, make every effort to do what we can accomplish all of any race. "

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