Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tulowitzki last 15 games and win 14 home runs

Tulowitzki last 15 games and win 14 home runs, which is No. 3 in 1900 has such a performance player, the former 2 were Albert Belle in 1995 and 2001, Barry Bonds. The Tulowitzki last 10 games, 4 games single field double-bang.

Rocky head coach Jim Tracy said: "I really do not know how to describe it. I mean, how would you describe the 14 home runs in 15 games? You know, hot conditions is one thing, this guy is simply another realm. But he has such a psychological quality. He likes this time of year, early in 2007 he passed on that. "

Tulowitzki said: "This is great, but I want even more pleased that my time in the season there last paragraph, because this team is very important. If you could choose a time for such things, that is now. so I of course very proud. "

The Clansmen and Villager play today at 8 the next generation of running Council, 9 Board obtained against the opportunity, in two when it was knocked out of a base hit, this is his season six at bats in the No. 2 security.

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