Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adobe called for the development of Flash applications iPad

Apple disclosed on the occasion of iPad tablet PCs, Adobe themselves have called for developers to build are available at the iPhone (mobile Internet), iPod touch, and iPad on the implementation of Flash applications.
As the iPhone platform does not support Flash, so far iPhone is still unable to view Flash content on the network. However, Adobe released last year, Adobe Flash Professional CS5, containing Packager for iPhone, in order to advance the way compiled Flash applications packaged as a native iPhone program that allows iPhone platform, at least to implementation of the Flash application.
Adobe product manager Michael Chou said that the release of Apple's iPad in terms of software designers are pieces of exciting things, Adobe is expected to be the use of tools and framework to help Flash developers to create innovative new device applications.
Chou said, Packager for iPhone allows developers to create iPhone, iPod touch with the iPad applications, but not yet the beginning of the iPad the direct use of screen resolution, but Adobe's goal is to enable developers are also able to use iPad large-size screen and resolution rate. iPhone and iPod touch, Jie Wei screen resolution of 480x320, while the iPad screen resolution was 1024x768.
Adobe offers a number of programs at the present stage design criteria in order to get out of the building at the same time can apply to different screen resolution and size of the application, however, Adobe is currently code-named Slider is also committed to developing the action Flex framework, to simplify the application of different screen program development.
Adobe actively iPhone platform, got on the train, on the one hand to provide to create Flash for iPhone development kit, it also complained about the lack of Flash support for iPhone platform.
Adobe product manager, said Adrian Ludwig, does not support Flash so that users can not access all the iPad web content, including more than 7 percent of the game and 75% of Internet video, if you want to iPad connected to Disney or Hulu and other video sites, only will be in exchange for disappointment.
Ludwig and emphasizes once again has been made in more than 50 partners to support an open-screen program (Open Screen Project), which plans to Adobe Flash platform, allows developers and content publishing companies can supply the content in a variety of devices, while consumers regardless of what the device can be free and cross-platform access to their favorite interactive media, content and applications.

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