Friday, October 16, 2009

Delicate GHD hair plate

So nice to see the big earrings will always wait to buy it, but what kind of hairstyle is suitable for wearing large earrings do? If you have such a question, come learn to easily create a clever hairstyle bar with large earrings.

Jewelry for the woman's overall shape, is the finishing touch is icing on the cake. The heat of summer is full of gorgeous big earrings to our line of sight, such as flowers like Zhengyan Doo-yan. So nice to see the big earrings will always wait to buy it, but what kind of hairstyle is suitable for wearing large earrings do? Here's, I will introduce four of the most simple and most practical hairstyle clever with large earrings, MM are not to be missed.

1, romantic long GHD straight hair

The sea-side shunt supple and straight GHD hair, stained with a touch of reddish-brown, full of brilliant atmosphere, with beautiful bohemian wind earrings, distributed bursts of modern Mature charm and exotic flavor.

A slight curvature of the hair

A slight curvature of the hair, light brown contracted after the skin appears to be more white, with large earrings, and more bring out the good atmosphere, there are like sweet romantic dolls.

2, charm long GHD curls

Naturally messy hair swaying in the wind has texture, gorgeous earrings the shape of looming large, so that the overall image is more out of color, distribution of infinite charm, just like Bianshen contemporary version of "glamorous"!

GHD Thermal unrestrained long hair

Heat unrestrained long hair coupled with a big bright earrings, very well bring out the rosy face, like a blooming rose, without leaving any stream would look very much the spirit of the sea Oh, lively, character and lively girl a try.

3, and highly capable short hair

The fresh start with the short hair Fashao stereotypes and shaping handsome shape, take the big earrings as a decoration, giving more prominence to an individual's character, to show people tidal charm.

Will be issued after the end of Tibet in the ear

Will be issued after the end of Tibet highlights the exaggerated ear rings, earrings and hair with rich layering, bring out the perfect face, distributed as sophisticated atmosphere.

4, an elegant GHD hair plate

Accompanied by an elegant plate gorgeous hair full of retro charm Great earrings, is simply a perfect match, earrings light can increase the skin gloss, how charming attractive ah!

Delicate GHD hair plate

Fu Tie long GHD hair would be the perfect date dish, the whole lot of people seem delicate, but are also easily result in facial hair monotonous effect, this time, is the exaggerated shape the timing of the big earrings debut, and faces will also be modified very good.

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