Monday, October 12, 2009

Wild color combinations Huaguang great success

◎ Mont Blanc (Germany): Set in a classic and the classic, representing the eternal elegance, reflecting the community's culture, design, tradition and fine craft of praise.

5 major fashion brand sunglasses Line

◎ Dolce & Gabbana (Italy): Sicilian style, glasses designed to be more low-key, avoiding the complex metal decoration, retro simple design, highlights will be able temperament.

◎ Gucci (Italy): has been to upscale, luxurious, sexy and famous for its "identity and a symbol of wealth," the brand image of a wealthy upper-class consumer favorite Cartier Eyeglasses .

◎ Marc Jacobs (France): New York's power and elegance of Paris luxury blend, but that the United States with an artistic temperament, style, to maintain a consistent style of aristocratic leisure at the same time have more fashion highlights.

◎ Tom Ford (Italy): "show" in terms of the word pairs of Tom Ford is not pornography, not erosion, nor is it foul, but a great attitude towards life with a taste, a sensory and emotional double enjoyment.

◎ Emporio Armani (Italy): This is the Armani brand for young family. Design products more easily than the main line of bright, such a result, the stripped serious feeling more relaxed elegant two-thirds.

How to quickly pinpoint a price suited to their style and sunglasses do? If you are a large number of sunglasses styles available in the market have been dazzled, confused, then you are need to purchase a detailed map of the sunglasses brand to help you make the most effective decisions. And can be properly classified under the brand's look at what exactly you need is a summer's most IN single items!

Six major professional brand sunglasses

◎ Ray-Ban (United States): simple, high-quality design style, is the enduring elements of the Cartier Eyeglasses brand.

◎ Persol (Italy): Quality and the process is the key to success. Persol is the beauty of elegant and functional design and the unique value of symbol.

◎ AO (U.S.): 30 years is the introduction of the Air Force, that is to become standard equipment for the U.S. military by the military generally welcomed.

◎ Randolph (USA): This is a military enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts, and even those who have not put it down Zijia You thing.

◎ Police (Italy): brand-oriented product design details of the integration of tactile feel, wild color combinations Huaguang great success is the brand logo.

◎ Oakley (USA): a sculpture a sense of design is the brand right to challenge conventional thinking unique style.

2 accessories giant sunglasses Line

◎ Cartier (France): excellent craftsmanship, expertise and unique style, conveys the noble value of its brand.

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