Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Although Montblanc Sunglasses are lower prices now

With the advent of autumn, the sun faded tough summer, becoming gentle many MontBlanc eyewear, so some women removed the sun "armed", especially for eye protection, sunglasses. In fact, this is not science, because the ultraviolet rays in autumn more arrogant.

Autumn sun is not strong, does not mean that ultraviolet radiation is not strong, this season the thin air drying, UV penetration stronger, so more lethal. First People's Hospital of Yinchuan City, introduced the eye doctor, every time this season, some people will have a dry eye: eye pain, tearing, dryness, photophobia, redness and swelling. This is ignored UV damage, so that prolonged exposure to the fragile eye sand, dry environment, accelerate the loss of not unrelated to the tear, and the brilliant idea to avoid this disease in addition to eat more fruits, drink plenty of water, is that it put on a Montblanc sunglasses of. Therefore, the sky was clear day, or wear out too Montblanc-yang mirror bar, not only can protect the eyes, fashion modeling Gengrang brilliant autumn adding to a fraction of your charm.

At the same time, now is a good time to buy Montblanc sunglasses. Xiao Bian investigation learned, Montblanc sunglasses sales in the fall lower than the summer, a number of very attractive promotions, brand sunglasses, Xinhua Department Store, a certain brand of 4.5 hit counters Montblanc sunglasses discount, while the brand during the summer months when the lowest discount and only 7 fold, and the other a some one thousand dollars of the Montblanc brand glasses a strong 8-fold change in summer but dropped to five fold ... ... Generally speaking, the fall of sunglasses prices are lower than some time ago, especially street shops, the price is even more concessions, and some straight down hundred dollars. Moreover, the fall of sunglasses are not "old" plates, big box, color, and other leading trends, big frame, big lens, wide mirror legs and other main elements MontBlanc eyewear, all from the summer season comes, it's still gorgeous and diverse, so do not worry about looking for A less than your favorite.

Xiao Bian, however still have to remind that although Montblanc Sunglasses now lower prices, but still have to keep in mind that: Montblanc sunglasses look good must handy! Put on a bad Montblanc glasses to your eyes is tantamount to inviting a "beautiful killer." At the same time the broad framework of Montblanc Do not blindly wear sunglasses, because many large frame glasses on the market is based on the physiological characteristics of the design of foreigners, and inconsistent with the Chinese facial features, wearing a long time, and easily lead to orbital and nasal discomfort, resulting in glasses syndrome.

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