Monday, October 12, 2009

A strong reflective snow and sunshine

Retro fashion

Years of transmigration, popular in the 70s last century, large frame sunglasses, in 2007, was again YSL and other international brands are respected. They launched their latest big-name sunglasses, so that we can see very exaggerated and distinct personality big frame to become the most critical trends sunglasses 2007 password. Combination of the last century 70's grandiose, personalized fashion, this season lenses large enough to obscure the Ban Zhanglian, giving a more mysterious, star-like feeling.

Veneer Wild

Through the mirror smooth rounded body lines, the sunglasses designed to be close to face, which is the main push brands such as Valentino style. To the design of Qingshenjianfei veneer mainly dynamic wild, close-fitting fashion beat, but without losing elegance. When you feel more comfortable to wear, but also to more effectively protect the eyes, which will be fashionable white-collar workers were of all ages. Whether shopping tour, or walking on the beach in the summer, will Jinxian charming enchanting youthful atmosphere.
The market reference price of brand sunglasses

Good sunglasses brands: 100 yuan the following: Si Beier, Di wind Nepal; 100-200 yuan: dolphins, waves special dream; 200-500 yuan: Michelle, Paul St, LehmanBrown, Silk Road, Apple Huang, violence Long, Paul Ricci, the Harvard Ph.D.; 500-1,000 yuan: Playboy, Suoluomiou; 1000 yuan or above: Ray-Ban, Versace, Gucci and so on.

The main function of sunglasses

Black, brown, gray filter good results; gray lens can be balanced against any chromatographic absorption, wearing glasses to see the scene only after the dimming instead of a clear color difference; brown lenses to filter out a large number of Blu-ray can improve the visual contrast and clarity, with serious air pollution cases, one or more fog effects to wear MontBlanc eyewear. Affected the color too deep a sense of color vision has also weakened. This year the popular colorful light-colored sunglasses, do not at the beach and aquatic activities, a strong reflective snow and sunshine is very strong sunlight use.

Science and Technology and the Future

This year, the sunglasses design gurus attempt to go beyond the modern, more attention to science and technology and the future. Or a bold use of texture, light and extremely flexible high-tech materials, such as the introduction of a sexy YohjiYamamoto strong monocular sunglasses, they benefited from modern technology; or to shape a more futuristic design, forming a kind of mysterious, unparalleled Cool.

You can easily lead the fashion, whether it is bathed in sunlight MontBlanc eyewear, driving Mercedes-Benz convertible, or to participate in interesting PARTY, has a cool technology, sunglasses Gouxuan enough is enough.

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