Friday, October 16, 2009

So that you can lap plywood volumes

Li Yan-Xi, Huang Fu, Hui-Ying Li, etc. The reason why the actress who can play Zaochu elegant feeling is that we often hear the kind of charm wave volume. Because it is difficult to build with the roll out of perming hair, so it can be with a professional hair device. The first volume with straight hair puts inside the hair volume and a half circle, and then turned to roll out another half-circle, so that after repeated relatively easier. Easier to complete this hair tool is hot straight hair barrette, coupled with feelings can cause curling Vidalsassoon Tourmaline Omega Styler. At different levels can build up after the perm the same as the wave curls. Uses the basic static out of hair style does not make the hair look so natural.

A straight hairpin depression that go above the lateral groove under the hair into the clip, after half a lap down the volume. The hair from behind and started doing modeling, and then to the sides, so the words will be very easy to get.

Every wave must be down to two, and then roll from bottom to top splints can be. Start a circle on the top line down. This hairstyle will be repeated this action to create better.

From 140 degrees to 205 degrees, although the temperature difference is not large, but if the product can be adjusted so will win a lot of points. There are worth recommending is that we can use a hand, weight is not heavy, and most people are very suitable to use the product. There is, if you can have anti-static function, then it makes the product a grade raised. Last is that if the hair is to minimize the damage, so the hair looks more shiny then the kind of product is the best.
Only for a hair dryer can be built out and usually not the same hairstyle, the experience you have before? Wind strength, changing hair blowing time. The exchange of blowing head and the use of BlushGap, then blowing out of the waves will be more durable.

Use a hair dryer cylinder in order to allow the hair of the waves blown up, you can insert the hair with your fingers, and the waves began to dry their hair in the opposite direction. The other side is using the same method can be used.

Stratified two hair from the inside began to roll after a fixed living hair dryer. Wang Waimian hair also began to dry from the inside.

Stratified into three and then roll the GHD hair then roll up, but this time from the start volume in the opposite direction. This allows the hair blow wave. And that such waves are also very natural look.

4 final in front of the hair by hand grasp, hair dryer on the direction along the hair dryer can be. When going to wait until our hair dryer to make the hair look more natural, you can spray some hair spray in the above can be.

Even if do not intend to burn the hair, but occasionally would like to make more female bar wavy hair. Be able to forge such a magical tool is this hair style, Hair Setter. Volumes at different levels starting from the top of the head after completing on it.

1. Fashao from the beginning to the head, hair volume to the hair volume. From the top of the head start, then it can be avoided only to the Fashao volume of this situation, starting from the Fashao volume, then it can prevent burns Fashao phenomenon.

2. Get himself back up and how much hair is a bit difficult. Should first back hair can be divided into two parts, first up the other half with clamps were attached to the back of the hair channeled front.

3. If you do not make things right, then roll a good hair spread out, then clip the stimulus would be reflected. If you use clip a fixed time, in order to prevent hair volume to disperse, from the following folders to a little above, and even try to make curly hair will not appear off phenomenon.

4. To disperse after the hair volume immediately after the hand painted with Curling scratched hair. But the caution here is that, but also because of relatively hot hair volume, so calling such words will give curling a fixed together.

When only hot straight hair can do with magic? A slightly narrower width device volume perm look, then, you can create a Swave. In order to straight hair when you use hot buy, recommended that can shorten the time of the wide perm device.

End after blowing a hair, slightly moisture in the hair is also a time when some of the top coated with emulsion-type hair conditioner, which would allow the hair less damaged. The heat in order to prevent Fashao splint portion of the fork must be careful.

2 from behind and began to turn to the front to create a perm effect of S-shaped. At the beginning of the clamping force, then it will make waves as a whole are relatively flat. So, start with half the effort when the clamping hair on it.

3 In order to create S Wave, plywood sides from the 45 it began to come a little bit and then pull down. There are Fashao 10 centimeters away from the time to burn a little tilt to the above, you can.

4 S Wave last stage. So that you can lap plywood volumes. GHD Hair Fashao part of the re-roll a circle, and then gently out of the splint can be.

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