Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So that the eyes of tears Duokuangerchu

"Tonight, I was back here, go home. When I was a teenager, I came here, and has since entered the North American professional league, and I thank my parents, to thank all the support of my fans, I should be grateful, as well as my coach Sa Wada, Roy Keane, in Montreal, is that they gave me the first opportunity. "Lowy voice slightly hoarse, fans crowded the scene there is also emotional.

In 1984, the 18-year-old Patrick - Loy have come to Montreal, and soon, his ability to coach will be recognized, followed by the 85-86 season, Loy official travel with the team competition, in his rookie season, the annual Loy will be only 20-year-old elected to the playoffs mvp, and to help the home team won the Grand Final champion, won the Si Danni cup. 7 years later, he again helped the team won the overall championship trophy, and had 10 extra-time victory record.

However, the personality full Loy in Montreal, mixed, and his brilliant cast, his departure also created a hubbub. 95 years of the regular season, Montreal Canadiens so far has been good, December 2 and strength to face the Detroit Red Wings team, Canadians Jiugen lost soul in general, was repeatedly opponent scores two unfinished has 0 to 9 backward, this time, coach Mario substitutions made the decision. Loy has been removed enraged after he was first pushed into the coach seat, then turned around, took aim at Prime Minister sitting in the front row of the team. "This is my last game in the team." Fiery Lowy cried. But only three days later, he left his own for over ten years, Canadians, was traded to the Colorado Avalanche.

In the avalanche team, Loy and twice to help the team win a championship ,2002-2003 season later, the hot star chose to retire nhl jerseys. But even so, Loy is still the North American Hockey League, one of the most great players, he has maintained a Paul victory in the regular season games and 551 playoff wins 151 games record of the alliance.

Patrick - Loy home burst into tears once again in Montreal, which is 10 years after he left the Canadians, once again back here to receive the blessing of many fans.

Beijing November 23, in the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins nhl jerseys in a regular season, the main organizer of the original members of the Montreal Canadians Patrick - Loewe jersey retired, held a grand ceremony, when the No. 33 jersey in the rising above the stadium when the tough guy Loy finally could not resist, so that the eyes of tears Duokuangerchu.

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